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Balance Magnetic Wrist Support

   Therion's Magnetic Wrist Brace is recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains, strains, arthritis and for those looking for bowling wrist supports. The adjustable tension band provides added support and stability to relieve strain on the wrist and limit range of movement.

Features of the Balance™ Magnetic Wrist Brace:

The Balance Magnetic Wrist Brace is an excellent solution for wrist pain relief. It helps reduce swelling quickly, and provides adjustable compression to support the wrist joint. It's ideal for wrist strains and sprains, arthritis pain, and other minor injuries.

The Balance wrist brace has 6 large, 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets strategically placed around the wrist, penetrating deep into the joint to reduce swelling and discomfort faster than with ice or compression alone. The wrist brace will help you quickly regain flexibility and reduce recovery time.

Therion® supports and braces are made with patented Acticel™ high-performance fabric. Acticel™ provides superior compressive support, and offers significant advantages over other neoprene and elastic support materials.

Acticel™ technology maintains an ideal comfort zone between your skin and the support at any level of physical activity, allowing Therion orthopedic supports to be worn for long periods of time without overheating and without perspiration build-up.

Adjustable compression provides optimal support to reduce pain when flexing the wrist. Universal size fits both left and right wrist.

Made in USA.

Biomagnet Details

# of Magnets
Magnet Polarity: Bio-North (negative)
Magnet Type: Anisotropic Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating 4,300
Magnet Size
3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick
Effective Penetration Depth 5"
Maximum Penetration Depth N/A

Customer Testimonials
The wrist one also helped my carple tunnel no more tingling or numbing of the fingers. I wore it for 2 weeks and no more. These magnets are fantastic. I dont know how I did without them.

Roselle, IL

About Acticel™
Acticel™ is a high-performance orthopedic material that provides superior compressive support, and offers significant advantages over other neoprene and elastic support materials.

The comfort problem with orthopedic supports
Traditional Neoprene supports provide excellent compression, but are non-breathable so they prevent heat and sweat from escaping. This causes over-heating and excessive sweat build-up, making them very uncomfortable to wear for more then a short period of time.

While having advantages over traditional non-breathable Neoprene in certain circumstances, “Breathable” supports provide minimal therapeutic heat benefit because of their uncontolled heat loss. This causes condensation of sweat, which cools the skin. At higher levels of activity, the support will eventually become soaking wet and very uncomfortable. There is also a significant reduction in the compressive and elastic qualities of the material.

What are the benefits of Acticel™?
Acticel™ creates a perfect therapeutic microclimate between your skin and the support by maintaining optimum therapeutic temperature and low moisture (sweat) at any level of physical activity.

This patented technology is why Therion orthopedic supports can be worn for long periods of time without overheating and without sweat build-up.

How does Acticel™ work?
Acticel™ uses a pattern of dome-shaped vapor chambers, each with a tiny hole at the top to replicate the way the leaves of a plant transpire (lose water vapor).

While resting, excess body heat and perspiration rise into the dome-shaped chambers and exit through the tiny holes at a controlled rate. The chambers flex and stretch with each movement of the body, causing excess heat and perspiration to be pumped out of the small holes. This also allows cooler, drier air to enter from the outside.

The unique pumping action of the vapor chambers increases and decreases with the user's level of physical activity. This ensures that body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent during a wide range of activities.

What is the science behind Acticel™?
Acticel™ technology is based on the laws of thermodynamics and diffusion where heat will always move from an area of high temperature to an area of low temperature; and water vapor will tend to move from an area of higher density to an area of lower density in order to regain equilibrium.

The unique design of the Acticel™ vapor chamber provides the required air space for excess perspiration to evaporate and collect as vapor. This creates the necessary conditions to establish a steep diffusion gradient at the tiny hole on top of the chamber, allowing maximum removal of vapor, while minimizing therapeutic heat loss.

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*Guass is a unit used to measure magnetic strength. Gauss ratings are certified by the International Magnetic Therapy Association. 


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