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Extended Leggins

The Thermotex Infrared Therapy System Leggings are a hinged, well-designed infrared heating appliance that can be used on either the forelimbs or hind limbs. Each legging contains 4 heating pads encased in durable nylon. Each Leggings unit is supplied in pairs so that either front or hind limbs can be treated simultaneously.

The following physiological effects are the result of the application of infrared therapeutic heat.

Vasodilatation and increased blood flow
Increased metabolic activity within the cells
Increased tissue extensibility
Decrease in joint stiffness
Prior to massage
Prior to chiropractic adjustment

Pre-Event Warm–Up:
By using the Thermotex leggings prior to exercising or an event, the animals tendons and ligaments with- in the limb are more extensible which allows a greater range of motion
4 Far IR Heating Pads in each legging.
Power consumption: 115V AC at roughly 100 Watts. (Total for both legs)

Leggins Assembly:

There are 8 heat inserts in the Leggins, 4 long and 4 short.

EachLeggin has 2 of each size.

The "hard side" of the heat insert should be placed inside the Leggin cover so that the hard side is facing towards the horse when the Leggins are in place.

Each heat insert plugs ito the haress which runs long the spine of the Leggin.

NOTE: These instructions are included with Leggins.

Pair of Extended Leggins $698

Instructions On Using The Thermotex™ Equine Therapy System

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