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Read how the intranasal 810, which also uses a nasal applicator, has helped an Alzheimers patient: Alz patient

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Intranasal Light Therapy More Info

Intranasal Light Therapy (or intranasal photobiomodulation) is a way to introduce the therapeutic effects of near infrared light into the body through the nasal channel. The process is engineered to enable its therapeutic effects to reach brain functions.

Near Infrared Light is specifically targeted for the entire brain with 810 nanometers penetration directly and deeply into the brain, via a nasal cavity. It is engineered to pulse at 10 Hz, which has been associated with brain oscillation in alpha state. In studies, this has shown great neurological healing in traumatized brains and helps to release certain calming chemicals in the brain.

Scientific research have demonstrated that photobiomodulation of various forms stimulate cells to achieve homeostasis. Collectively, the effect is systemic. Energy medicine methods recognize the importance of this balance to strengthen wellness and the quality of life.
The Vielight products have been designed with parameters to deliver the effectively with great convenience and low cost. Many regular users have reported elevated levels of wellness. No claim has been made for a cure, and results vary between users. They have not been evaluated as medical devices by regulatory authorities.

How Does Intranasal Light Work?

Intranasal light therapy employs a nasal device that attaches to the inside of the nostril, emitting wavelengths of photon energy into the bountiful network of capillaries inside the nasal cavity. This simple and non-invasive treatment benefits the entire body.
The photon emissions are absorbed by red blood cells in the capillaries, inducing photobiomodulation. This leads to healthier more robust red blood cells which then travel all over the body, resulting in better whole body health.
What is photobiomodulation?
In the visible region, when a photon is absorbed by a molecule, the electrons of that molecule are raised to a higher energy state. This excited molecule must then lose its extra energy by re-emitting a photon of longer wavelength(i.e, less energy), as in fluorescence or phosphorescence, or it can lose energy by undergoing photochemistry.
Photobiological responses are the result of a chemical and photophysical changes produced by the absorption of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

Creators of Vielight Intranasal Light Devices: Lew Lim, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Engineer, and his colleagues invented intranasal light therapy as a non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic light energy into the human body in California in 1995. The research and development continued under MedicLights Research Inc in the 2000's before Vielight Inc was founded to commercialize the invention.

Science and Evidence
Science and evidence from clinical investigations into low level light therapy support intranasal light therapy. Practitioners can request a 200-page book on the technology through the contacts provided on this website.

  • 3080 scientific papers on Low Level Light Therapy have been officially published to date. - [Link]
  • Numerous top-ranking universities and organizations, including Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and NASA are conducting research in the field of Low Level Light Therapy and photomedicine.
  • Much more information and articles are available at our group's research company's website - Mediclights Research Inc.
  • We have an 80% refund policy, valid for 6 months from the time of purchase, if our devices do not help you. We will also replace the product if there are any defects, covered by a 12-month warranty. This Policy is for those Vielight products purchased from Official, Authorized Dealers.Please note that we do not refund intranasal applicators purchased as separate items.
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