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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs about Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy for Hand Pain Management 


 Studies are finding that strong magnetic fields can reduce pain directly. Nerve cells maintain a careful balance of electro-chemical ions. When injured, this balanced shifts, and the nerve becomes more positively charged, sending a pain signal to the brain. The bio-north, healing side of a magnetic is the negative polarity. This helps nerves restore nerves' electro-chemical balance, reducing pain signals, or even blocking them completely.

Improving Circulation & Healing
Strong magnetic fields have been proven to help the body regulate blood flow. The walls of capillary blood vessels either constrict or relax, depending on what response the body requires.Relaxing capillaries increases blood flow. This delivers more oxygen, relieving muscle spasm and tension, and more nutrients, speeding up healing and cellular repair as much as 50%.

    Strategically placed magnets give comfort and relief from aches and pains naturally, in a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free way.
   4 Magnet Hand & Wrist  

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