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Pain Management Technologies - Infrared Light Therapy - Cold Lasers
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FAR Infrared Thermal - ICE Therapy - 
 Cellbone Anti Aging Skin Care - Alive Again! Aloe Wellness Drink
For Home and Professional Use
Quality of Life Products for Humans and Animals


Acupuncture without needles to relieve your pain with lasers and/or infrared light therapy.

Back Pain Products  

You can choose from several great back pain products to relieve your spine, lumbar, nerve pain.

Elbow Pain

Elbow products to get relief from your painful tennis elbow, or tendonitis.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Fallen arches, heelspurs, sprained ankles--products for all and more. 

FAR Infrared Thermal

Deep tissue penetrating FAR Infrared thermal healing for relief of your aches and pains. Also for Horses!


ICE Therapy            

 Reduce Sports and Muscle Injury Pain and Stop Swelling with Deep-Penetrating Cold Compression                                Therapy Wraps

DPL II Deep Penetrating Light® DPL® Infrared Light Therapy for pain relief and wound healing.
FLEX Deep Penetrating Light® FLEX wrap is a flexible Deep Penetrating LIght DPL® that configures to your body's shape for all over body infrared light treatment.

Infrared Light

 It is amazing what Infrared light therapy can do for our bodies, and animals--wound care, pain relief, fractures, and more.

Intranasal Vielight 810 This infrared intranasal light penetrates the brain for brain health, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinsons.

Knee Pain                  

 Our Knee Pain Relief products give relief to stiff, arthritic knees, sports injuries, sprains, interior cruciate ligament (ACL), kneecap, or other knee injuries.

Low-Level Lasers

Cold Lasers for home and professional use to enable you to bring pain relief to numerous body aches and pains.

Magnet Gloves

 Our Magnet Gloves4Pain were manufactured specifically for Emerson WorldWide and contain 8 magnets


Cervical Neck ICE Therapy Wrap to give relief for whiplash and other neck pains.

Neuro Vielight Brain stimulator with infrared light directly penetrating the brain for Alzheimer's, Parkinson, and Demential.
reVive Beauty Light Deep Penetrating Light® Kathy Ireland Beauty Light that is a revision of the Deep Penetrating panels. Excellent for skincare, and pain relief.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder blade pain, frozen shoulder, football shoulder injury, rotator cuff injury, post surgical wound healing, spine and nerve  pain, or chronic conditions such as arthritis and bursitis.


Skin Care

Anti-aging, acne, and other skin problems are improved with our reVive (DPL),3 in 1 Beauty Light, Terraquant Lasers and Cellbone Anti-aging Skin care..

Wrist/Palm Pain

Emerson WorldWide has numerous products for your wrist pain.

Pet Pain

 Infrared Light systems, and Magnetic Pet Pads for cat and dog pains

Equine Pain              

Five different pain therapy systems for treating injury and pain management for your horses: Infrared Light Therapy, Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy, FAR Infrared Thermal Blanket, Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy, and Magnetic Therapy systems for treating soft tissue injuries and for relief of pain caused by injury, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases found in dogs, cats, and horses.

Other Links:
The Art of Mary Redman Emerson This website displays Mary's award-winning watercolors.

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