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Infrared Light Therapy - Equine Testimonials
These Testimonials are actual veterinarian cases. Click to go directly to the section desired:





.One horse had a tremendous spill, injuring his shoulder and severely damaging the nerve. I used a large infrared pad and the nerve regenerated in a month or so.
* Another horse was diagnosed at Tufts Veterinary School with a very severe tear between her shoulder and neck. The vet said it would never heal well. I used my infrared unit for about 4 months and she was back to work, slowly, but finally was totally healed.
* Another horse was kicked badly along her body and upper hind leg. I iced and used the unit on all areas while waiting for the vet It looked like she would be out of commission for months. When the vet arrived he asked why I had called him. The cuts were closing and there was no hematoma. We have been using infrared therapy in many forms for about 20 years. I even have a Infrared Light Therapy plug in flashlight looking one that is I don’t remember how old that has traveled with us from Italy to the West of the US. Very handy!
I could go on forever, but you get the picture. Barbara Carpenter, Kensington NH 7/12

'Out To Sea' Receives Fitness Award from Veterinarians - June 1, 2008

"With our horses competing at international levels, we care very much about preparing for high performance and then supporting them with proper recovery after competition. Recognizing and fulfilling these needs is key for superior results. The IR2 Infrared Therapy System is one of my prime treatment and therapy tools. It has been so valuable this year for our thoroughbred 'Out To Sea', who recently received the Fitness award presented by the veterinarians at an international eventing competition. Holistic treatment and conditioning is a solid foundation for our continued success."
Pam Fisher
Ruffian Stables
Fine International Sport Horses

"During a recent dressage competition, one of my top thoroughbreds developed sudden back pain in combination with what looked like a saddle fit or saddle pad reaction. Skeptical that much could be done to assist quickly, I tried the IR2 Infrared Therapy System--and easily placed it on the horse's sore back for 15 minutes. Within 45 minutes, my horse's back was much less sensitive. After a second treatment the next morning, he was fully recovered. Because the IR2 system is portable, flexible and easily applied to a specific target area, it will now be one of my prime treatment and conditioning therapy tools."

Pam Fisher
International Sport Horse Trainer
Ruffian Stables / Basalt, Colorado

Excerpt from a study conducted by Dr. Kevin Moore, Dept of Anesthesia, the Royal Olkham Hospital, Oldham, OI "The immediate or primary effect is a local tissue response to direct irradiation and comprises increased vasodilatation with increased circulatory flow: enhanced lymphatic drainage; increased neutrophil, macrophage and fibroblast activity; and improved metabolic function in depressed or damaged cells. EYES HUNGRY WINS Despite being bumped at the start and a pair of foul objections, EYES HUNGRY sprinted to the top spot in the $28,650 Canterbury Park Quarter Horse Derby on Sunday, running away from the seven-horse field in 20.22 seconds....

I just wanted to pass along the write-up about "Eyes Hungry". The Infrared Light Therapy and PHT Magnetic Blanket have enabled this horse to feel her best. She used to be extremely body sore, nervous in her stall, off feed, nervous to saddle, and would prance going to the starting gate. We even at times had to put her in a flipping rig in the starting gate.

Now she is quiet in her stall, quiet to saddle, eats good, and walks/jogs quietly to the gate. We have even removed the flipping rig in the starting gate. She is running at her peak and looks and feels great.

I can't say enough about the Infrared Light Therapy and the Blanket. I can see a definite improvement with this mare.

I can even tell a big difference in myself. After a long day at the track the Infrared Light Therapy takes care of my aches and pains.

Joel E. Blasi
Just a note to say thank you. All of our horses are performing well and I think the Infrared Light systems have been a large contributing factor. I attach some of our stats to see for yourself!

Thanks Again Charlie Ashcraft Cutting Horses
Tiny Telesis - Sore Back 4 yr old Amateur & Non Pro Finalist last week at NCHA Summer Spectacular
Mini Mare - Hip soreness, cystitis, tail wringing, ill tempered - 3rd at Stephenville Cutting last Sunday non pro class - Now quiet - No Tail Wringing or temper tantrums.
Count the Spots - Old Suspensory Ligament injury, 18 yrs old still kicking butt - feeling great - 2nd in Class on Sunday. Shows in 2 classes with 2 different riders.
Thanks again.
Infrared Light Therapy has helped me so much on the road. It makes my horse feel so much better from a long ride in the trailer, even if he has to stay on the trailer all night. This light takes the soreness out of any place I touch him with the light. Even if he has a minor scratch the light seems to heel it faster than a medicated substance. When you have to pull from Mississippi to Wisconsin you know that your horse is going to be sore and stiff in a few places and that is the perfect time to bring the light out and get to work. I just want to thank Mrs. Julie for helping me out this year and teaching me things I would never had known about my horse.

Thank You,
Kaley Abel

A lot of people watch me at the rodeos use the light and get really curious and come ask me what I am doing. So I give them a hand out and tell them to get up with ya'll.
I just wanted to thank you again for what you did for Fame this weekend at Memphis. I have tried everything on her and it didn't do nearly as much as you did. Thanks to you and Dr Batencourt Fame had a wonderful weekend and was able to prove what she could really do. I look forward to working with my new Infrared Light Therapy and I know it will make a big difference, because I have already seen it work. I have even used it on myself. I have gotten several calls today from people who wanted to congratulate me on a great weekend and I have let them all know that we could not have done it without you. I look forward to talking with you in the future and seeing you at shows. I feel like I have made a wonderful friend and I hope I can return all that you have done for Fame and me.

Thanks Again!

Tammy Owens and "Fame"
On May 19, 1998 our daughters 20 year old Gelding, Ready, fell into a barb wire fence and injured his spinal cord so bad that when we found him, he was down, and every time he tried to get his self up his back legs would buckle up him, for he had no control of his hind quarters. We called the vet out and after 4 hours of tranquilizers and IV's, Ready still could not get his self up. At 3:00 AM everyone exhausted we left him. A short 3 hours later the alarm ringing it's 6:00AM I go to check on Ready and he is up standing on all four feet, Although very shaky and staggery. Over the next week he continued to get around on his own, but his back legs were still week and would cross on him when he would try to turn causing him to really fall. Ready was really in poor shape. A Friend at our local feed store gave me a card of Kristi McCoys, a horse massage therapist and asked me to give her a call. I called Kristi and on June 3, 1998 Kristi made her first visit to Ready for he could not be hauled to her. I took Kristi out to see Ready, and left her with him while I went to change clothes. When I returned Kristi briefed me on the tightness in his neck and the tenderness in his hips. Kristi explained that she would be using the Infrared Light Therapy on him. As Kristi worked on Ready, starting with his neck and working to his hips on each side, there was times when Ready would break out in a sweat as the Infrared Light Therapy worked through his muscles and soreness. It was amazing how the Infrared Light Therapy was working. Ready was very drawn up in his flanks, but as Kristi worked on him and his circulation began to flow again he started to fill back out. After about an hour and a half of Kristi's patience and time we let Ready go, and to our surprise and amazement watched him trot away from us.

Kristi continues to come and work on Ready with her Infrared Light Therapy every Wed. and as we approach our 3rd week, Ready is getting better everyday, for we are back to riding him everyday in a walk and long trot, and look forward to the day that we get to see him and our 8 yr. old daughter Tonna run their favorite event, the poles together again, in which they could turn in 22 flat and clean. Kristi asked me if I believed in the Infrared Light Therapy? My reply was YES very much so, but I am also thankful to have a lady like her with her knowledge and love for horses and the sports to have crossed our paths, she will always have a special place in our hearts, for we did not know if Ready would ever make it out of this or not. but with Kristi's faith that she could make him better he progresses more and more each day.

Thanks, Tammy Kosh

During 1998 I contacted you regarding your Infrared Light Therapy products and the problems I was having with my mare, Cherokee. She is an exceptional mare, but she had started hitting barrels. I knew we had soreness and had to take action. I purchased the 1600 model from you and started treatment immediately on all the spots you suggested as well as followed the manual I purchased from you.

There was significant improvement in Cherokee, but she still was not firing like in the past. In further discussion with you, we decided I had a saddle causing some back soreness. I then contacted Marlene Eddleman for one of her new Flex Tree saddles. This saddle has suppled her back and improved my riding to the first barrel. I will never use another saddle.

Thirdly, I put my new saddle on the Tod Slone 3/4" pad. I am not finding any dry spots on her back after using the new pad nor does my saddle have to be cinched tightly to stay in place. To summarize my story, I joined the United Professional Rodeo Association this past weekend. Cherokee placed me 2nd out of 29 girls. To say the least, I had to kiss her on the cheek for her awesome run. I want to thank you personally for all your help and information. I will continue to use Infrared Light Therapy and my new gear on Cherokee. It is so surprising to find how well your partner can do when they are comfortable! Thank you again!

Beckie Rockett

Veterinarian Horse Cases Treated with Infrared Therapy

Mare with slow healing laceration of dorsal surface left hind cannon between hock and fetlock, under veterinary care. Injury occurred Feb. 28, 2007 in the pasture. Swelling has complicated healing process.
Management: 24 hour support bandage with 24 hour alternating topical antibiotic and steroid.
Trial of light therapy treatment:

For 7 consecutive days in May, infrared light therapy was applied for 20 minutes at #2 setting immediately after bandage and topicals removed. To secure infrared pad on leg, it was wrapped with polo.
Thermal Imaging:The LH leg treatment area was imaged with a thermal camera every day before & after infrared treatment to determine if there was a pattern of increased circulation . Below is a representative example from 5/25/2007.
The red pattern at the treatment site in the “after image” indicates increased local circulation immediately after a 20 minute treatment with infrared light.

Before                                                        After

Digital photos of wound:
A digital photo was taken on Day 2 and again on Day 7.
Accelerated healing from the bottom of wound up and hair re-growth was noted by owner at the end of 7 day period.

Day 2……………………………………… Day 7
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April 30, 2007
The Hoof Boot was part of my daily regime on some of the top thoroughbred race horses in the country.

The trainer gave me his best stakes horses to keep in top shape as well as speed up healing the soreness and injuries from racing.

C. Young
Therapist for multiple Eclipse Award Winner
(Thoroughbred Trainer of the Year, Bobby Frankel

ED diodes are placed around the coronary band to stimulate hoof growth and treat important acupuncture points.

Diodes are also strategically positioned to help reduce inflammation from bruising, increase blood circulation to counter the effects of laminitis and accelerate the healing of absesses as well as the navicular bursa. Treatments, too numerous to recount, have shown this boot to have profound positive effects for a variety of disorders in the region of the foot and beyond. Any heat or discomfort in the foot should be an immediate call for the Hoof Boot.

Amy Boeder
International Therapist of Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage and Race Horses

After receiving so many almost incredible stories of the positive effects on foundering horses,
it saddens me to know horses are losing their lives with out even being given the opportunity to get the essential increased blood flow that the boot offers. I hope this will change with education. It may take one great horse to open the horse world’s eyes.

N.D. Developer of the Hoof Boot Concept
The lights in the Hoof Boot are powerful and have helped many of my horses.
It is a great product. Any barn with multiple horses should not be without one.

Jack Van Berg,
Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Race Trainer

February 14, 2007
I received the infrared light in December and have used them on several cases.
1. Two year Quarter horse filly with non-healing laceration on the left carpus. The carpus was swollen, sticking out 2 ½ inches beyond normal and a non-healing flesh wound 3 ½ ‘’ in diameter for a four month duration. I applied the light to the lesion four days in a row. After the first application I could see the new skin growth. By the fifth day the flesh wound was only 1 ½ ‘’ in diameter. In addition, the swelling had reduced. Two weeks later the flesh wound was less than a ½ ‘’ in diameter – Four applications
2. Twenty year old Quarter horse mare with a fractured medial splint bone and soft tissue damage from the carpus distal to two inches above the fetlock. She had caught the leg in a wooden fence. The skin was not broken. She had grade 3 lameness. We applied the light on her leg three times, one week apart. The problem was 3 ½ weeks old when I first saw it. There had been no improvement since the incident. After the first application, the swelling was reduced and the lameness was a grade 2. At the time of the second application, she had a grade 1 lameness with reduced swelling. By the third application, the mare was normal with very little swelling. She was returned to regular riding activity. The response after the first treatment was remarkable in light of the previous 3 ½ weeks with no improvement. The mare is doing fine thanks to infrared.
Glen Wilkinson, DVM
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Veterinarian Elephant Case Treated with Infrared Therapy


September 15, 2006
Recently, one of the elephants at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore sustained a soft tissue injury in one of her ankles after taking a misstep.

The Zoo Elephant Team and Veterinary staff investigated several ways to help heal the ankle as quickly and decisively as possible. As part of the treatment regimen, we decided to use an infrared sports therapy device in order to speed healing of the tissue at the injury. Using this device in combination with changes in the elephant’s exercise practices resulted in a significant improvement of the ankle. The elephant is still undergoing regular treatments with the infrared device, and we have seen the injury decrease from affecting her 50% of the time when she was walking to now being only barely noticeable about 10% of the time. As we continue her treatment schedule, we anticipate a full recovery and have been extremely pleased with both the effectiveness of the device and the ease of applying it.

Michael McClure
Elephant Manager

Note - This product testimonial utilized an early model prototype. Although the exact model now available (IR2) was not used, the same technology was.

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