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NOTE: Infrared Therapy products are used for both Humans and Animals. Below are Human testimonials. You will see the power our products from these testimonials! To read the Animal Testimonials, click here.

My uses of infrared Therapy:
Whenever I wake up with a sore muscle I put my unit on where the muscle connects to the bone for about 20 minutes. 20 minutes or so later the pain is gone permanently.
* Whenever poison ivy breaks out I use the unit. It disappears overnight. It does not work well if the poison ivy gets into the blood stream.
* Heals cuts quickly. Deep gashes take longer.
* I had a smashed clavicle repaired by adding a piece of stainless steel. I used the unit while I was in the hospital for a couple of days. I never needed pain killers as there was no pain. 10 days later I went back to get the stitches out. The MD was amazed that there was no hematoma or swelling. The MD expected I would not be able to use the arm for 3 months. One month after surgery I went back for an ex-ray and the MD said I was totally healed. He was again amazed.
* While in the hospital the woman next to me had tremendous pain in her back because of a spinal tap. I used my unit on her ro 20 minutes and she was cured. Another woman who was heavy had a full cast on her leg. She moved it around a lot while in bed and ended up with tremendous stomach pain. I treated it and, as it was muscle soreness, the pain went away.

My mother was in fetal position for months after stroke not very responsive to us at all.
The doctors were treating her feet with different medicines none were working.
On the third of September they told us they would need to cut her legs off at the knees, when I told my brothers about this Bill who lives in Canada an was around the horse shows selling hats was familiar with the light source.
He said lets get a light to use on her feet. I called and place an order for the Pain X 2000, I got the pistol grip style an started that day treating mom's feet twice a day. She had proud flesh all the way from the heel to the ankle an curled up, the heel to the instep was a thick black scab with bad odor.
I would clean off the ointment they were using place a piece of Saran wrap over the light an let run for 30 minutes or so before turning on the blue light. After about a week I saw a drop of blood on the bottom of her heel an called the nurse too see if anything was wrong, she was so excited, omg, that's the first blood that area has seen in months.
Mom became responsive an could talk an crack jokes with us. By thanksgiving the wound was down to the size of a half dollar nice a clean no black scab, you could not tell that there had been a problem on either foot. The doctors were amazed at the results, watched what I did an said keep it up, but when I offered the light to others they said they could not use for fear of being sued an I known of several that have had their legs cut off that this could have helped. I used it on my knees an shoulder an it worked great
Thanks again for such a great tool
Bert Olsen Just a farmer from Texas

 "We've already seen how using LEDs can improve a bone-marrow transplant patient's quality of life," said Dr. Harry Whelan, professor of neurology, pediatrics and hyperbaric medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. "These trials will hopefully help us take the next steps to provide this as a standard of care for this ailment."
"Companies in this business are looking at the medical research that is being conducted regarding different frequencies of light to see where this technology might take us," says Braden. He foresees wound care as being the next big application. "You can expect over the next few years to see LED therapy as being the primary treatment for wounds such as post-surgical and non-healing wounds like diabetic ulcers."
Whelan and Ignatius say they would like to test their technology in other clinical situations such as spinal cord injuries and for treatment of Parkinson's disease, strokes, brain tumors, and tissue and organ regeneration.

"It may seem strange to some people because it is very much a change in the whole paradigm of medicine, which has been pretty much poisons and knives up until this point. The use of natural energy at an intensity that is brighter than the sun, but still nonetheless near infrared light at wavelengths that are helpful and not harmful, to enhance the cells' natural biochemistry truly has a lot of potential in the medical arena," says Whelan.

Wound Healing
The most amazing new use for Infrared Light Therapy is in the area of Diabetic Neuropathy and wound healing. One of our customers called and said they had a relative in Texas that has diabetic neuropathy with a large wound on her leg. Her leg was already black and the Doctors were ready to amputate. The person had been using our product on her horses. She told the Doctor to let them use the lights on the relative for one week and if there was no improvemnt then they could amputate the leg. After one week the leg was already turning pink and the wound was decreasing. After one month the leg was back to normal color and the wound was almost gone. This therapy could save thousands of legs worldwide. Of course at this time the FDA will not let anyone legally advertise it for this use since no products have been approved for this particular use yet.

An expert team of marine mammal veterinarians, medical researchers, cosmetic surgeons and dolphin trainers recently joined forces to apply the latest advances in human regenerative medicine in an attempt to restore a bottlenose dolphin's damaged dorsal fin. Dr. Melyni Worth of Thor Laser & LED Therapy, in reference to the treatment for Liko, the dolphin, states:
    "Liko's Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy treatments began in September with equipment donated by Dr. Worth. LED wavelengths are longer than laser light and penetrate deeper to increase energy metabolism at the cellular level. Liko is the first known marine mammal to receive LED therapy for tissue regeneration and the results to date are promising. "
"His recovery since the start of LED work is excellent," said Dr. Worth. "It was a big turnaround for him. Before the LED work he was looking a little worrisome. Liko's story absolutely holds promise for other dolphins and other species, and most of all for humans. In Europe, LED/laser therapy is fairly well appreciated for the treatment of wounds in humans, but has been fairly slow coming to the U.S., and has only just been given any kind of clearance for human use here," she continued.
Though LED light is three times brighter than the sun, the medical treatment wands are cool to the touch, highly portable to use and do not damage skin of dolphins or humans. Thermal imagery revealed patterns of increased vascular development in Liko's dorsal fin and more rapid healing following application of localized LED therapy.

    "I was in a car accident several years ago and as a result have lived with neck pain since. I have been taking prescription drugs, tried physical therapy, etc. all of which took time and a lot of money. I had decided I am probably just going to have to live with the constant pain. Then one day a friend told me about the "Infrared Light Therapy". I figured what have I got to lose with a money back guarantee I'll try anything. Even while I was still using the Infrared Light Therapy I could feel the pain leaving my body. By the time I was finished with my first treatment the pain was gone. I am just writing to say thank you very much for inventing such a wonderful product. I will be ordering more for Christmas presents for my entire family." D.O. Waldo, Florida Dental Assistant

" I am amazed at what the Infrared Light Therapy has done for my pain. I woke up one morning with terrible ankle pain, I could not even walk. I was going to visit the doctor the next day if the pain was still there. I had recently purchased the Infrared Light Therapy and have to admit I was a little skeptical. I used the Infrared Light Therapy that evening and the pain just disappeared. In the past I have tried various treatment for pain including drugs, stimulators and therapy , but the Infrared Light Therapy is the only product that gave me immediate relief. Thank you so much for your fantastic product. I am recommending it to all of my friends." E.E. Ulysses, Kansas

"I have had bone spurs on the heels of my feet for several years. My doctor prescribed shoe supports, ice therapy, etc. with little or not results. Since using the Infrared Light Therapy my pain has finally been relieved. I can once again enjoy my morning walks pain free. My friends are all asking me how to get the Infrared Light Therapy to relieve their discomforts." N. Ford, F. Lauderdale, Florida

I had a friend a few years ago that had 9 broken places in his leg with pins. He used the lights on it and the Dr. said he had never seen bone heal this fast. Randy

"My job as a dental hygienist causes me a lot of back pain. I tried massage therapy, injections and of course drugs and nothing seemed to really help. I decided to try the Infrared Light Therapy. It was unbelievable, the pain was relieved on the very first treatment. After using it a few times I very rarely need to use it on my back but I keep it at work with me all the time. I found it also works great for carpal tunnel syndrome which is another problem many dental professionals have. I truly believe this product will be the major pain reliever of the next century. It is the only product I've found that will actually give me instant relief and long lasting relief. I would recommends this product to anyone. What have they got to lose with a money back guarantee" M. Wilder, Gainesville, Florida, Dental Hygienist, L.P.N.

"A friend loaned me a Infrared Light Therapy to try out a few days. I always try every new product myself before I will use it on my patients. I took the Infrared Light Therapy home that night and used it on my tennis elbow pain. It was amazing after only a few minutes of treatment my pain was completely gone and as of two weeks later the pain has not returned. About a week later I had a sore spot on my leg and could hardly walk without pain. I used the Infrared Light Therapy for about a minute and the swelling went down immediately and the pain was gone. I had another doctor in my office at the time and she could hardly believe what she witnessed. I feel this is one of the most important development in pain relief that I have seen for quite some time. If you are developing a professional model for use by physicians, I will definitely want one for my office." W.C. Gainesville, Florida, Chiropractor

"I have used my Infrared Light Therapy in my practice to treat patients with TMJ (Jaw Pain). Sometimes these patients cannot even open their mouth enough for us to work on their teeth. Since I have been using the Infrared Light Therapy my patients can not only open their mouths farther but it also relieves their pain associated with this problem. You have a wonderful product, keep up the good work. PS. It also works great on my back pain. Send me one of your professional models C.O.D. when you come out with them." Dr. I.W. Gainesville, Florida, Dentist

I use my infrared light unit if I have a sciatica flareup. I use it approximately 3 to 6 times and it goes away! It may be months and months before I have another flareup. L.Redman, TX.

Do you have a success story? We would love to hear from you!