Infrared Light - 56 or 190 LED Systems
For Animals and/or Humans

Powerful - Easy Strap Handle


Both are Hand-held
with Nylon Strap

For Humans and Animals

190 LED has 3 times the LEDs
Both include:
* Manual -( Ask for either the Horse Manual or Human Manual)
(If for Dog, ask also for
Dog Accupressure Chart)

* Hard Carrying Case

* 1-Year Warranty
Animal products cannot be returned for refund

Pay securely with any major credit card through PayPal

Read More About Infrared Systems

Read Testimonials -
Horses, Cats, Dogs, Turtle

Hand-Held Holistic Pro Models

Limited Time

Choice 1. 56 LEDs AC $ 275
Battery Powered w/Charger $350
Both AC and Battery
 Choose either a plug-in wall or a Portable Infrared Light Therapy unit that you can carry with you. Or, choose to have both in one unit!

56 Diode Unit Specifications:
Infrared LED's (950 nm)
* 30 Red LED's (660 nm)
Dimensions: 4 3/4"x 3"

56 LED AC(plug in wall)Powered
$ 275
56 LED DC - Battery Powered
$ 350
BOTH 56 LED AC & DC with a Battery & Charger $ 475

Other Countries OutsideContinental USA,Contact us for Shipping

Choice 2.
190 LEDs AC $ 495 (over 3 times more LEDs)


Battery w/Charger $545
BOTH AC and Battery

 Choose either an AC plug-in wall or a Portable Infrared Light Therapy unit that you can carry with you. Or, choose to have both in one unit! Battery great for horses!

190 Diode Unit Specifications:

* 109 Red LED's (660 nm)
*  81 Infrared LED's (950 nm)
Dimensions: 7 "x 4"
190 LED AC(plug in wall)Powered
$ 495
190 LED DC - Battery Powered
$ 545
190 LED Both AC & DC with a Battery & Charger $625

Other Countries OutsideContinental USA,Contact us for Shipping

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Satisfied 190 Animal LED Customer's Response:

Hi Sue,
I received my LED Friday, read over the manual and started using it Saturday. I haven't learned the acupuncture points yet, but wanted to get started on the mule asap (he's the one I mainly bought it for). I did do the part of following the skeletal frame and worked down to his front legs where he has arthritis. Saturday as I held it on his right front leg (his left is the worse), he stood quietly and eventually starting licking and chewing and putting his muzzle on my head and trying to reach my hand.
I also did the acupuncture at the back of his fetlocks.
I used it on my horse that has had back/shoulder problems and boy, did I get big responses from him. Lots of licking, chewing, sticking his upper lip in the air and skin quivering, a lot of them in areas I did not expect.
I'm really impressed with your product and can't wait to see what kind of results I get down the road. R.Caudle

NOTE: The Horse Manual explains the reactions that are expected when treating with infrared light therapy. There is also lots of information on this webpage:

Medical Disclaimer:
Devices and services offered at Emerson Worldwide, are not substitutes for regular medical care, for medical assistance and treatment, see your medical doctor, or alternate health care professional. Emerson WorldWide's products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. There are no known side effects to this treatment. Patients who are pregnant or who might be pregnant, and patients with active malignancy (cancer) should avoid this therapy.