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ICE Therapy Home

Ice Therapy Wraps are a terrific way to control the pain and swelling caused by:
* sprains
* pulled muscles
* injured ligaments
* strained tendons
Cold Compression Therapy is the preferred modality of orthopedic sports injury specialists.

Cold compression therapy constricts the blood vessels and slows down the metabolism of the cells. The reduced metabolism lowers the need for the oxygen and nutrients and slows the rate of cell death and the resulting excess build up of blood and fluid. Cold therapy also has a numbing effect on the nerve endings decreasing the impulses to the brain perceived as pain.

Place an Ice Therapy Wrap in your home freezer for 2 or more hours and then apply to your injured area. The wrap is fully adjustable for compression to stop swelling and the icing factor will last about 15 to 20 minutes to stop pain. The rubberized linen liner protects your skin from cyroburn and is completely safe!

MDs and Sports Injury professionals advise R.I.C.E.
REST Rest and elimination of activity which aggravates the injury.
ICE Apply Cold to stop pain and restrict excess Fluid to the injury.
COMPRESSION To further inhibit swelling caused by excess Fluid to the injury.
ELEVATION To further inhibit swelling caused by excess Fluid to the injury.

Ice Therapy Wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. The combination drives the cold deeper into the injured tissue than ice packs, "frozen peas", or frozen chemical gel bags.

Ice Therapy Wraps neoprene outer layer provides added insulation and prevents sweating on the outside while our specifically milled inner liner (stretchable, very tough) prevents sweating on the inside and protects skin from cryoburn. The Ice Therapy Wraps are not only effective, but comfortable when worn against the skin or over clothing.

The unique Ice Therapy Wrap patented ice blanket technology combines an insulated Neoprene outer shell with an middle layer of refreezable, encapsulated, 100% non-toxic liquid and an inner layer of specifically milled inner liner (stretchable, very tough) to protect the skin from cryoburn. The gel capsules are strategically sewn in place for each wrap to effectively provide cold coverage where it is needed. The individual gel capsules conform to the body curvature for a close comfortable fit. Other wrap manufacturers save money by using nylon, which can fatigue after repeated freezing, instead of neoprene and using inserts which are hard to place and unreliable. They may provide cold, but not compression, don’t have durability and don’t come close to driving cold as deep as Ice Therapy Wraps.

Ice Therapy Wraps offer a wide variety of products for specific injury areas. Each product utilizes the combination of cold therapy and compression therapy. The cold factor lasts about 20 minutes as recommended by medical professionals and trainers, and the compression therapy continues as long as the wrap is worn. Re-freeze and reuse.

Ice Therapy Wraps should be used several times a day and everyday. The most effective use of a cold compression wrap is when it is worn after repetitive muscle use such as pitching, throwing, swinging, running, twisting, etc. Any muscle which is sore or swollen after exertion benefits greatly by immediate use of an Ice Therapy Wrap. Make it part of your regular exercise routine.

All Ice Therapy Wrap products are manufactured to the high quality standards expected by sports therapy and medical practitioners. The wraps can be washed in a home dishwasher (top rack) and the inner layer can be disinfected with an anti-bacterial wipe if used for open wounds or post surgical applications.

All Ice Therapy Wraps are satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days from purchase date. If an Ice Therapy Wrap doesn’t perform to your expectation we’ll refund your purchase. IT WORKS!

Graphic Thermal Images

The following images are of a 34-year old female with a very sore neck and lower back. Her neck had been diagnosed by an orthopedic md. as having multiple compressed disks. The back had not been diagnosed, but she is an active person and thought she had pulled or strained the lower back. Prior to using Ice Therapy Wrap she was stiff, sore, and felt pain in her back even when walking. She had the neck problem for some time and was reluctant to submit to surgery and was resigned to neck pain and a significant reduction of activity.

We asked the individual if we could take thermal images of her neck and back, then put Ice Therapy Wraps on the sore areas for 10 minutes, and then take thermal images again.

Neck and Back AFTER application of Ice Therapy Wraps

The extreme blue areas show the lowest degree of thermal activity. The Ice Therapy Wrap lowered the soft tissue temperature by 10 degrees celsius and provided very broad coverage of the affected area.

Neck and Back BEFORE application of Ice Therapy Wraps

Note the white areas show the highest degree of thermal activity which is the inflammation caused by the compressed disks. Inflammation of soft tissue is the underlying cause of pain. The white areas show minor inflammation in the lower back, but significant inflammation of the mid back probably caused by the restriction of natural neck movement. To allieve neck pain she had been stressing her upper back and shoulder muscles to better support her sore neck.

Neck and Back 20 minutes AFTER application of
Ice Therapy Wraps

Note that 20 minutes after removal of the Ice Therapy Wraps, the ambient temperature of the soft tissue of the neck and back have returned to normal body temperature, howeve, also note the almost complete lack of white areas. The inflammation has been nearly eliminated by applying Ice Therapy Wraps for 10 minutes!

Following this ice therapy, she was elated that she was virtually pain free and felt like running again. She has continued to use our wraps whenever she feels pain or stiffness, especially after active exercise. By using the wraps she has eliminated the chronic inflammation and allowed her body to naturally heal itself.

The wraps will not "cure" her damaged discs, but will stop the inflammation which was gradually making the injury worse as well as more painful.

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