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Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days from purchase date. If the ICE wrap does not perform to your expectation we’ll refund your purchase. IT WORKS!

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Ice and Compression in a single wrap. Our Cold One Multi-Purpose ICE Wrap is a shin wrap, a calf wrap, a thigh wrap, a hamstring wrap and more.

*torn hamstring    *torn thigh  * torn calf     *torn shin or strain

Plantaris strain-Calf Injury — The plantaris is a thin muscle that begins at the lower end of the femur (the large bone of the upper leg), stretches across the knee joint and attaches to the back of the heel along with the Achilles tendon. Because the plantaris doesn't contribute much force in bending the knee, a tear in this muscle may not seriously affect your knee function. However, a severe plantaris strain can cause significant pain, usually at the back of your calf rather than near the knee. The patient will come in limping, having suffered a whip-like sting in his calf while stepping off hard on his foot or charging the net during a game of tennis, or similar activity. He may have actually heard or felt a "snap" or "pop" at the time of injury. The deep calf pain persists and may be accompanied by mild swelling and ecchymosis. A plantaris strain can occur alone or accompany a gastrocnemius strain or a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (a major, stabilizing ligament in the knee).

Treatment with a our Hamstring ICE Wrap wrap applied 2 to 3 times a day will stop the calf pain and swelling and speed the healing and recovery time. Hamstrings are long muscles that extend down the back of the thigh. Because hamstrings work to pull back the leg and bend the knee, they can be injured during running, kicking or jumping. As in gastrocnemius strain, you may feel a pop, usually at the back of the thigh, when the muscle tears.

Quadriceps strain — The quadriceps are a large group of muscles in the front of the thigh that straighten out the knee, an opposite action from the hamstrings. Like hamstring strain, quadriceps strain is a common injury in runners. However, it also may occur during a strenuous leg press at the gym. The pain of a quadriceps strain is felt in the front of the thigh, and the strain may be described as a "groin pull" if the tear occurs fairly high in the muscle. To help simplify diagnosis and treatment, doctors often classify muscle strains into three different grades, depending on the severity of muscle fiber damage.

Grade I — Only a few muscle fibers are stretched or torn, so the muscle is mildly tender and painful, but muscle strength is normal. Grade II — A greater number of muscle fibers are torn, so there is more severe muscle pain and tenderness, together with mild swelling, noticeable loss of strength and sometimes bruising (called ecchymosis). Grade III — The muscle tears all the way through. Either it rips into two separate pieces, or the fleshy part of the muscle breaks away from the tendon. Grade III muscle strains are serious injuries that cause complete loss of muscle function, as well as considerable pain, swelling, tenderness and discoloration. A Grade III strain also causes a break in the normal outline of the muscle, often producing an obvious "dent" or "gap" under the skin where the ripped pieces of muscle have come apart.

For a first degree strain, icing, compressing and resting with some elevation is the best treatment.

For a second degree strain, icing, resting, compressing and elevation are also necessary. However, a second degree strain will take around two to three weeks to heal.

A third degree strain should be treated the same as first and second degree strains but may take longer to heal, around three to six weeks. Crutches may be necessary for a third degree strain. Waiting until completely healed before athletics or exercise is the best way to insure that an injury will not recur.

The our Hamstring ICE Wrap Re-freezable Universal Wrap is the most versatile and effective product made to stop pain and stop swelling in torn or pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Our Hamstring ICE wraps drive the cold deep into soft tissues and provide relief in minutes without the ice mess. The Universal Wrap brings cold relief to those hard to reach areas, face, eyes, jaw, for migraine headaches, neck pain, torn hamstring,torn thigh, and torn calf or strain. Limited only by your imagination .

The comfortable inner liner also protects from skin burn while the wrap only remains ice cold for 15-20 minutes so it is safe to use and cannot over-ice which could cause an increase to your injury.

Our Hamstring ICE wraps are constructed with an outer layer of nitrogen blown neoprene, a middle layer of refreezable gels, and an inner layer of rubberized linen.
The wrap provides 20 minutes of cold/ice therapy plus compression to reduce swelling and pain from injury or reoccuring injury. MD and trainer recommended therapy.

Can be used against skin or over clothing. No messy ice or condensation. our Hamstring ICE wraps are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED for 30 days from purchase. If you are not satisfied, our Hamstring ICE Wrap will accept return and refund the purchase price.

All our ICE products are manufactured to the high quality standards expected by sports therapy and medical practitioners. The wraps can be washed in a home dishwasher (top rack) and the inner layer can be disinfected with an anti-bacterial wipe if used for open wounds or post surgical applications.

Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days from purchase date. If the ICE wrap does not perform to your expectation we’ll refund your purchase. IT WORKS!

Medical Doctor and Trainer recommended therapy.
How does Ice Therapy Work?

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