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   Magnetic Therapy Boots designed by horsemen for horses. These boots are made of breathable, durable, washable fabric, which absorbs and holds Sore No More Herbal Liniment. The "Horse Journal" stated that Sore No More improves the effectiveness of the magnets.

Magnetic Cannon Boots

   These Boots are exceptionally effective for the treatment of shin splints as well as soft tissue damage to the suspensory and extensor apparatus. It is easily and quickly applied and is extremely comfortable for the horse. These wraps are especially helpful for the treatment of bowed tendons, splints, bucked shins, edema, ligament injuries and pre-warm up. Never use oils or medications with magnets. However, the use of Sore No More is highly recommended. All boots Velcro™ on and are made of breathable fabric. Sold by the pair or individually. Each Magnetic Cannon Boot contains 3 Strip Magnets.

Pair Magnetic Cannon Boots $160.95
Select Size
Select Horse Breed


Single Magnetic Cannon Boot 91.95
Select Left or Right Leg
Select Size
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Outside USA, contact us.

More Magnetic Therapy Boots for injury and Pain Management for your Horses
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