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  Thanks to the advanced technology utilized by Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems, deep penetrating, relaxing infrared heat is delivered to where it is needed. Thermotex™ increases hemoglobin 25% to 28%, helps relieve muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and back ache. Also, Thermotex™ helps the horse stretch out, prevents washing out, and tying up.


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Equine FAR Infrared Hood

Sinus problems are suffered by over 82% of horses. The Thermotex Hood helps your horse get a breath out of life.
The hood helps treats blisters, sinus, flapper, star-angular glands, pharyingitis and helps your horse breathe better. The hood has two elements, one locates on the front sinus and the other on the throat. More info .......Buy Now


Equine Infrared Thermal Blanket w/12 pads to provide full body coverage for effective treatment of severe muscle and joint problems, as well as pre-event warm-up.
More info .......Buy Now

Equine FAR Infrared Neck

Features: Three element positions with the first position over the spine for pre-chiropractic adjustment. Lower side positions to treat the main muscle mass in the neck. Elements lower on the throat position, which, in combination with our Hood that covers the sinus and upper throat area and our 12 element Blanket, provides effective treatment of the lung and respiratory system
More info .......Buy Now

Extended Leggins

The leggings are an absolute must for quick treatment of soreness of bows, splints, osolets, buck shins, anklets, ring bone and tendons. There are four elements in each leg unit and the leggings come in pairs. Leggings fit both front and back legs equally well. More info .......Buy Now

The horse and young lady in the page background is our granddaughter with Scooter, one of her four horses.

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