Equine ICE Therapy Wraps              
for Horse Injury and Pain Management

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   Our Equine 3 in 1 ICE Therapy Wraps combine       cold therapy
and      compression therapy
in a single product to reduce swelling and pain in the fetlock and hoof areas.
These wraps provide another way to give your horse relief and comfort from numerous problems. Our ICE Wraps use an innovative, reusable coolant product.
     Horse owners and trainers have long known the value of cold therapy and its value in reducing inflammation and controlling pain.
In response to injury, tissues release a variety of chemicals and vasoactive substances (cytokins, prostaglandins, leukotines) that produce a cascade effect of reactions, ultimately resulting in localized swelling, heat and pain. Applying cold therapy to a tissue injury, limits the inflammatory response by causing the blood vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction). This limits the blood flow to the injured site, moderating the release of the vasoactive substances and thus minimizes the pain and swelling in the afflicted area.
Applying cold therapy after an acute injury helps to ease pain. Cold slows the conduction rate of sensory receptors; therefore fewer numbers of pain messages are received and processed by the brain. After a tissue injury, there is an immediate chemical reaction at the cellular level. This reaction releases prostaglandins and histamines in the injured area. Damaged capillaries “leak” cellular waste (water, dissolved electrolytes and proteins) into the surrounding tissue.The body sends leukocytes or scavenger cells into the area to remove damaged tissue or to kill bacteria that may be present. Once this process starts, significant amounts of fluid build in intercellular spaces causing “edema,” or swelling.

Features of Equine ICE Wraps
* Stretchable neoprene with a cold inner layer to drive cold deep and prevent swelling.
*Constructed with the highest quality products and crafted with superior workmanship. Made to last.

"Rest and anti-inflammatory measures are important in the early treatment of ringbone or with a flare-up of a previously diagnosed ringbone. Your vet may recommend a short course of phenylbutazone or another anti-inflammatory to get quick control, but you should also use ice or cold-water hosing, two or more times daily, for a minimum of 20 minutes each time, for local cooling. "
Perfect Horse Magazine

Our Equine 3-in-One is currently out of stock - contact us to reserve one or to ask when available.
 3 in 1 $140 Pair USA  Please call regarding Warmblood ICE wraps

See the complete Ice coverage!
ICE Compression Fetlock Wraps
Medium Qtr Horse Pair
ICE Compression Fetlock Wraps
Large Warm Blood Horse
$ 140

* Reduce swelling
* R
emove inflammation, and stop pain.

Freeze wraps for about 1 hour and then apply to the fetlocks for a complete icing. The icing is completed in about 15 minutes, but the wrap can continue to be worn as the compression will limit swelling and inflammation.

No messy hoses, water or hard to apply ice. Convenient for travel.

Easily applied wrap (pair)
Durable - reusable
20 minutes of complete Fetlock Icing plus additional compression as long as worn

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