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2 Copper/MagneticProducts:
 Fly Mask and Poll Pac

MagnaCu Magnetic Fly Mask

 Equine Fly Mask

Great for Poll and TMJ Problems

We have 4 available sizes of the MagnaCu fly masks:
1. Weanling/Small pony (Great for weaning stress)
2. Yearling/Large Pony
3. Horse
4. Warmblood

Following is a testimony from a PHT user (this fly mask uses a combination of Neodymium and ceramic magnets):

 Magnetic Fly Mask
Free Shipping USA

Email us the size you need. If size is not sent, we will ship "Horse" size.
USA, (outside Continental USA, email us for shipping cost



Magnetic Polls

Magnetic Poll Pacs - $30 - Free Shipping USA

 Relaxes your horse naturally with 14,800 guass neodymium magnets,   strategically placed and sewn in at poll area. Attaches easily to headstalls and halters. The Magnetic Poll Piece promotes a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, and can ease discomfort from TMJ, as well as teeth grinding.
Current color choices on poll packs: Black or miscellaneous

"Well, took my mare to the chiro/vet/dentist the other day and she was pretty much a mess. However, It was ONLY her poll and neck and we are convinced this goes back to something that may have happened in her younger years.
     Well, after talking to a wonderful friend, I learned about a product that may help this poll problem. I ordered it and got it and tried it last night. Within 5 min of having this on, my mare had softened in the face, licking the lips and half asleep! I really think that this is going to help her chronic poll problem and I am VERY excited!
   Thank you my dear friend for suggesting it to me! All I can say is this is something I really believe is going to help my mare be more comfortable and stay in longer! YIPPEE....
    PS. She also made a heck of a run last night without any head tossing or fits! "Robyn


Magnetic Poll Pacs,  USA, (outside Continental USA, email us for shipping cost

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