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The MagnaCuHorse™ products are an important part of routine maintenance, providing a healing environment for ligaments, tendons, bone, skin, and blood vessels, along with wound healing. Because of the effectiveness of the microbial action of copper, scratches and rain rot can be treated more easily.

  MagnaCu Hock Boot Pair

MagnaCu Hock N Knee

Magnet Bell Boot


Equine Tendon Wrap



Equine Stifle Wrap







CuHorse Copper Only Wraps - $119 per pair - Free Shipping

For use as a standing wrap. (2 to a pair) Set includes: (1) 10" and (1) 12" pair of wraps.Black standing wrap not included.





MagnaCu™ Hock Boots -
Free shipping within USA

   The MagnaCu Hock Boots are not for use while riding or turnout, but are an "at rest" product.
   Customize your boots by choosing your square color with a choice of: Black, Leopard, Pink Aloha, Purple Aloha, Green Aloha, Blue Island, or Brown Island.
Hock colors


MagnaCu™ Hock 'N Knee Wraps
FREE Shipping USA

The Hock 'N Knee is an easy way to keep circulation flowing in the legs of your horse.
  Great for a horse with a bowed or sore tendon, suspensory injuries, hauling, standing in stall, etc; Great antimicrobial and copper therapy combined with PHT Magnetics.
  These have the soft loop stretch velcro on the attaching side, making it easier on the user's hands.These wraps have a better fit because of the stretch.


MagnaCu™ Bell Boots  $199/pair
FREE Shipping USA

   Our MagnaCu Bell Boots are designed to help relieve symptoms of navicular, abscess, quarter cracks, etc.
   Each bell boot contains 7 ceramic magnets strategically placed to give the hoof the relief and healing therapy where needed.


MagnaCu™ Tendon Wraps
12" - $189/pair

FREE Shipping

Magnetic fleecy bandage ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, bruises or tendon strains.The outside is an exceedingly soft pile, and inside is a nice comfy foam with ten(10) 14,800 guass neodymium magnets strategically placed to give your horse's leg the best therapy available.

Beginners like it because it's easy to apply. Horses love it because it feels so-o-o good. Also great for hauling or as a standing bandage.

Measures 30" length, 12" or 14" height. Outside is nylon, inside is fleece. Apply under a polo or standing type wraps. Wrap as a standing wrap.

Made with a soft quilted exterior, PHT Magnets, and Lined with Copper infused fabric. Deep Navy Blue color.


MagnaCu™ Stifle Wraps - $255/pair
FREE Shipping - One Size Fits All

    MagnaCu™ Stifle Wrap has finally made it easy and convenient to provide magnetic and copper therapy for your horse's stifle area. Stifles are difficult to treat and maintain. This new design stifle wrap provides convenient, effective treatment coverage. Perfect for stifle injuries or edema and swelling associated with strenuous exercise and performance. Even older arthritic horses will benefit from this easy to use wrap.This new design stifle wrap provide convenient, effective treatment coverage.
   10 PHT unipolar ceramic magnets per side, lined with CuTec29. A versatile Wrap made of Neoprene with Velcro Closures, streamlined to allow for a closer fit.

Stifle wraps

Cucopperwraps cuwrapsets

Fly Mask      Equine Magnetic Poll
Magnetic Fly Mask      Magnetic Poll Pac




MagnuCu™ Hock Boots

Select Color

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MagnuCu™ Hock'N Knee Wraps


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MagnuCu™ Bell Boots


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MagnuCu™ Tendon Wraps

 12" $189/pair

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MagnuCu™ Stifle Wraps


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CuHorse Copper Only Wraps


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