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Note: dpl IIa Panel System is the same technology as the first version DPL™ and is an updated version.Some of these testimonials are from users of the first version, but the same Medical LEDs are in this newer version. There are more LEDs in this newer version, but the outcome for treatments is identical.

Emerson WorldWide DPL customers wrote us:

I had read the info you sent me about the LED having invisible rays. Had forgotten that important info. The dual pads have helped my knees sooo much. Was looking at knee replacements. Now off of steriod and jell shots ! Believe the body does have the ability to heal.
J.Boyd, Kentucky
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My wife had a stroke and the fingers on her hands were curled in tightly. I placed them on the DPL panels two times a day for 17 minutes and she was then able to uncurl them and smooth out her fingers all day. I want to recommend the DPL to others. Curtis
Trigeminal neuralgia- nerve disorder that causes a stabbing or electric-shock-like pain in parts of the face.
I have this painful condition and had to carry around a slip of paper to hand to others becaue when it struck I could not talk. I purchased the DPL from Emerson WorldWide and it changed my life. My pain is relieved and the incidents are slowly going away completely.
I am recommending the DPL to others.
My uses of infrared Therapy:
Whenever I wake up with a sore muscle I put my unit on where the muscle connects to the bone for about 20 minutes. 20 minutes or so later the pain is gone permanently.
* Whenever poison ivy breaks out I use the unit. It disappears overnight. It does not work well if the poison ivy gets into the blood stream.
* Heals cuts quickly. Deep gashes take longer.
* I had a smashed clavicle repaired by adding a piece of stainless steel. I used the unit while I was in the hospital for a couple of days. I never needed pain killers as there was no pain. 10 days later I went back to get the stitches out. The MD was amazed that there was no hematoma or swelling. The MD expected I would not be able to use the arm for 3 months. One month after surgery I went back for an ex-ray and the MD said I was totally healed. He was again amazed.
* While in the hospital the woman next to me had tremendous pain in her back because of a spinal tap. I used my unit on her ro 20 minutes and she was cured. Another woman who was heavy had a full cast on her leg. She moved it around a lot while in bed and ended up with tremendous stomach pain. I treated it and, as it was muscle soreness, the pain went away. We have been using infrared LEDs in many forms for about 20 years. I even have a PainX 2000 plug in flashlight looking one that is I don’t remember how old that has traveled with us from Italy to the West of the US. Very handy! I could go on forever, but you get the picture. Barbara Carpenter, Kensington NH
I am a secretary and had a tear in the cartilage and tendonitis that caused terrible pain in my wrist. I went to a therapist for a year, and when he finally used the DPL on my wrist 2 times a week, it was the only thing that relieved the pain. Since he purchased it from Emerson WorldWide, I want to order one from you now. S.W., Marietta, GA-------------------

Customer with Fibromyalgia: I love my DPL panels and you are NEVER getting them back! Thank you Emerson WorldWide! JB, Michigan
Overall I have been very pleased with the results of this system. One unexpected effect was that it helped reduce the swelling below my eyes. I have allergies and my eyes are constantly swollen. Oftentimes I get little "packets" of water that are retained underneath my eyes and the top of my cheekbones... which take a long time to reduce and are quite aging. This has been a chronic problem for several years, and no product (over the counter or prescription) has really been able to reduce the swelling signifcantly. Even allergy medincines. Since I have used this product I have only had this problem twice and it has gone away much quicker. Just wanted to share that in case other people might suffer from the same thing.


   I'm a 67 year old woman with extensive sun damage, primarily on my forearms. I've had surgery to update my face but my arms were left out. This DPL seems to do the job. When I was a younger person, Phyllis Diller had a facelift, and at the time it was petty daring to admit it. She looked stunning except for her hands and arms, when they were in the frame. Then it was totally noticeable that she'd had work done to her face. I vowed never to make that mistake. However, as is usual in vows, I hadn't figured on the cost of fixing my arms!
   So, the DPL is perfect for my problem. I've been using the DPL on my forearms for about four months, though not every day as I should, and am showing a noticeable tightening of the skin. Where there was crepe, there is now relatively smooth skin, and the deep wrinkling on the tops of my forearms is getting smoother. I'm looking forward to next summer, when I can wear clothes without long sleeves, for the first time in fifteen plus years. I'll use it on my face, later, just to keep it looking good. Then on to my legs. I'm going for the really needed areas first I'm very pleased, and I know that it'll only get better.
DS, Arkansas
 Erik is a senior Redondo Beach High School in California and the starting quarterback for their football team. The first week of the season Erik was injured breaking his collar bone, a "V" break. The doctors gave us two options surgery or to let it heal on its own. If, we opted for surgery we were looking at a minimum six week recovery period a plate would be inserted and possibly not being able to play his senior year. We opted not to do surgery. We started using the DPL™ Therapy System two to three times per day. Every week we would go to the doctors to monitor the progress of the healing. After four weeks the bone was completely healed to the doctor's amazement and he released Erik with his O.K. to go back to playing football. By Erik returning to his quarterback position he took his team to playoffs.
There is no doubt in my mind that the DPL™ Therapy System helped with the healing process of Erik's injury.Erik currently has several colleges scouting him including several Ivy League Colleges, Colorado University Boulder, Colorado State University, and University of Northern Arizona.
Brad Wilson, Erik's father

Fighting Mucositis with LED Lights From 27 ABC WKNOWTV.com

Updated: June 12, 2008 04:32 AM CDT

    Four year old Delaney (duh lane ee) Dikeman (dike min) is recovering from severe aplastic (ay plastic) anemia. "They did a blood test and all of her cell counts were low." Delaney needed a bone marrow transplant from her baby sister. It required the destruction of delaney's immune system using chemo, leaving her susceptible to severe mouth sores. "Mucositis is one of the most painful side effects of cancer treatment and it essentially occurs in all patients with bone marrow transplant regimens to a fairly severe extent."
     The medical college of wisconsin is testing near-infrared technology to see if it can prevent mucositis (myoo co sigh tiss) by reviving and re-energizing damaged cells. "The cells have been attacked by the treatment of the cancer, and now they're in an energy crisis. if the light is able to help them over that energy crisis so they can heal faster, we can actually heal the mucus membranes." Hundreds of tiny l-e-d chips emit near-infrared light. The light isn't hot, but it is powerful. "We're able to administer light that can be over ten times as bright as the sun, but just at the helpful wavelengths." For delaney's mom, the light treatment was a way to help her daughter and advance the science. "She had a couple of sores, but that was about it, and from my understanding, it can be a lot worse than what she had." Ultimately, a small glimmer of hope that helped heal this little girl. In addition to the national study on mucositis treatment, the Wisconsin researchers are investigating whether this light therapy may treat other conditions such as parkinson's disease.


   "I was getting the DPL skin treatments at a SPA, and I found out I could buy my own unit to have at home! I had paid more at the SPA in 8 treatments than the unit would cost for myself! I love what it does for my face."

    "I purchased a DPL Light about a month ago. I use it twice a day, nine minutes at a time, once in a.m. and once in p.m. I can tell my "age -- sun spots" on my face have begun to fade and the lines on my upper lip are not as deep. So it is doing something. By the way I'm 60. It's not a miracle worker but I can see a difference and from what I've read it takes a few months to really see a difference. Also my husband uses it for his tennis elbow. Plus it is "very" relaxing and calming. It's not a miracle worker or overnight fix but it's working for me."
Carol, Florida

“Six weeks of treatment with LED’s can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines.”
In Style Magazine/Sept.2008

“LED’s activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for a smoother, more even complexion.”
In Style Magazine/Sept.2008

"The treatment is especially effective at improving the appearance of the face, neck and chest, by reducing signs of aging, wrinkles and age spots." Web M.D. Health

Also read below how the DPL has helped with:
Rosacea, brown age spots, sinus pain and pressure!

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