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Frequently Asked Questions about our 2
Deep Penetrating Light
DPL™ Systems
dpl II2 Beauty Light

Note: These answers apply to both the DPL II-Panel System as well as the dpl IIa  Beauty Light. Both have the same DPL technology. The difference is in the packaging, and the dpl IIa  includes Blue lights for acne.

How often and how long should I use the dpl II2 Device for skin care, and pain care?

Skin Care: Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes.  For recovery treatments, longer sessions   are recommended.  The device will beep every minute to alert user to  treament time. Move device to the next treatment area and repeat step.

Pain and Wound Care: For pain management and speed healing, etc, we recommend 10-20 minutes a day/ per area. Use the panels once in the morning and then once again in the evening.

User Guides are included with system.

IIs it safe to use around my eyes?
Yes, it is. The light emitting red and infrared diodes (LEDs) are very bright, and it is not advisable to look directly into the lights. Simply keep the eyes CLOSED during use on the face. The light will not cause damage to the eye when used for 8 minutes even if used twice a day. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them prior to use. If you have surgically implanted lenses, your eyes will not be affected by the wavelengths of light so you can feel confident using it.
Goggles: there is no need to wear goggles when using the system. Goggles are provided goggles if desired. Once or even twice daily use of the unit on the face will not harm the eyes.

Will the lights burn my skin or cause UVA/UVB damage?
The LEDs will warm up but will not burn the skin or harm the eyes. NOTE: Just keep eyes closed when treating the face. This is not UVA or UVB lighting. For safety, the system will automatically turn off after 17 minutes. Do not use the system more than one to two times a day on the face (for 8 minutes) or a body part leaving several hours between each treatment time. NOTE: Be sure to allow the system to cool for 5 minutes before applying to each area on the body.

How long will the LEDs last?
The LEDs last up to 5 years are more with normal. OurLEDs are not like light bulbs with filaments, but have solid state chips inside.

How long until I see skin results?
Everyone’s skin varies, but most people feel and see a difference in about four treatments. Because of differences in damaged skin, some people will see the benefits almost immediately and others will need more treatments. Because treatments are progressive, we recommend treatments for at least ten (10) weeks, for maximum results.

How long it will take using the DPL for the pain to go away?
It will depend on the extent of the pain and problem....some can use the system once and feel a lot better, others will have to use the system 2 to 3 times in a row.

What is the size of the system? The 2 sleek light weight panels (imagine 2 iPads that fold open and close), and along (over 10’) power cord. When you open the folding panels, the LED’s cover an 8” x 13” area for faster, efficient treatment times.
HOW DEEP DOES THE INFRARED LIGHT PENETRATE? Infrared Light Therapy penetrates about 1” to 1 ” beneath the skin surface.  

Can I use the DPL outside of the USA?
Yes! - The DPL comes with a WORLD VOLTAGE Power Supply. It will operate at voltages from 100 V to 240 V at 50 or 60Hz so Yes! It will work outside the USA. You may need a plug adapter as the unit does come with the standard USA two blade plug.

Does the DPL have a CE Certificate for European countries?
Yes, it has a medical CE, the numbers after the CE (1023) indicate that it is certified as a medical device of Class IIa.

What is the wattage of the system?
The most important question is that the DPL™ System produces 4 Joules per centimeter squared. Our product meets the NASA specifications. The DPL™ System produces 30 Watts of power. The power supply is "World Voltage" and will operate from 100V to 240V 50/60 Hz.

Will it help with my Psoriasis?
Light therapy has proven to be fairly effective in improving the appearance of inflamed, scaly skin due to psoriasis. Natural ultraviolet light from the sun and controlled delivery of artificial ultraviolet light are used in light therapy for psoriasis. Studies have shown that combining ultraviolet (UV) light therapy and certain medications adds to the effectiveness of UV light.The red and infrared lightwaves of the DPL System increase circulation and help put moisture back into the skin, which benefits those with psoriasis. The DPL system will increase circulation….and if the skin is tender and sore it tends to go after areas that need help with inflammation and redness.

How do you clean the panels?
1. T
urn device off and unplug from any power source.
2. Do not clean the LED lights with any liquid or damp cloth. Instead use an air blower device like a blow dryer or computer air cleaner to relmove particles and dust from the LEDs.
3. Clean device exterior with a damp clothor rubbing alcohol.
4. All to dry completely prior to use.

Can the DPL be used to help reduce appearance of cellulite?
We have customers that are using our Deep Penetrating Light for this application and we are starting to see articles about using cellulite creams with peptides & the light.
Claims that others are finding:
It is chosen in order to boost to maxim slimming effect and cellulite reduction, as together with light therapy it leads to better results.
Main light effects for slimming:
1. It breaks cellulite fibers conglomerates
2. Reduces stretch marks
3. Improves lymphatic drainage
4. Corrects skin sensitivity
5. Improves reflex generating processes
6. Stimulates lipid analysis in cells
7. Performs a massage which contributes to eliminating wastes and toxins
We also sell the peptides at: http://www.emersonww.com/Cellbone.htm

I have titanium dental implants, will this be a problem?
We have had customers that have had dental implants (metal/titanium) and they have said that when they use the system on their face that they feel an increase in warmth due to the metal/titanium.

I purchased the DPL light and I'm also using Doryx antibiotic (75mg once a day) for Rosacea flare ups and I just wanted to know if I could use the lamp while using the Doryx. Thank you for your response.
There are no harmful UV rays from using the DPL. For some antibotics, such as Tetracycline, you have to use caution to sun light exposure, but the LED lights do not give off any harmful UV's like the sun - so you can take them when using the light as it is different from sunlight. I suggest that you double check with your physician.

I have on of your units at home and greatly like it! I am alittle concerned, however, about the area right around my eye. I removed the light panels from the holder to use them pretty much against my face, but the area of my eye - because it is recessed about 1-2 inches from the panel - is not "as close as possible" as you say to use the unit. Can you tell me at what distance does the unit start to deliver less than optimal joules/cm2 and at what rate does this decrease fall off? I am trying to determine if I need to do two sittings - one for my face and a second one with the unit slanted more to be close to the periocular area. I am using the device as a skin treatment for "wrinkles" and other skin issues.
The system is designed for the face to be used with the panels on the stand facing the system in the middle (spine of the book) for the nine minute session. In facing the system in the middle of the two panels you will want to be 1/2" from the panels. The lights will cover the entire area...eyes, neck, cheeks, jawline, nose etc...and broadcast out more. You will be able to cover these areas by facing directly in the middle of the two panels. If you would like to cover the sides of the eyes (crow feet) area or in between the eyes...you can turn and face the right panel in the middle and have the left panel hit the area on the left side of the face for 4 1/2 minutes and then turn and face the left panel directly in the middle and have the right panel hit the area on the right side of the face for the remaining 4 1/2 minutes.....this will also cover the area on the jawline nicely.

How long can it be used to help my pain?
It can be used everyday if desired...for pain relief it is working on the muscles, joints etc. and the skin surface is different on the back than it is on the face....so the system can be used differently....if you are using it in back-to-back sessions, give it a minute or two in-between to let the power supply cool down....as you will not want it to get too hot. Also, the panels should be applied directly to the skin surface. More information on using the DPL for PAIN.

Is the DPL is safe to use on my legs after having a varicose vein operation?
The DPL™ Therapy System will help with the healing process...it does a great job with wound healing....if there is any bruising....it will help. I would wait a few days after the surgery before starting to use the system....and then start slowly.

Can I use DPL Therapy if I have a thyroid problem?
Many times when someone has a a slow (hypo) thyroid condition they may be on medication to speed up their thyroid. The use of the light will stimulate and increase circulation...which is what they are trying to accomplish. They may or may not have to take the meds or may be able to take a lower dose. So, for those who have a slow thyroid the increase in circulation that is created will actually help with that! (check with physician.)
Many times customers will take a real thick towel and roll it up and cover the nape of the neck area to cover that area. The DPL™ Therapy System increases circulation and if they are trying to slow down the thyroid they will want to make sure to cover that area and not let the light hit the nape of the neck.
   For those that have a thyroid that is fast (hyper) and they are on medication to slow their thyroid down, they will want to be cautious where the light hits on the nape of their neck. They, too, may want to roll up a towel to cover that area and will want check with their physician.

Does the DPL work for rosacea?
Many rosaceans find that treatment with all-red LED lamps provides relief from their rosacea symptoms.
Studies suggest that low-level light in certain ranges, particularly the red and near-infrared range, from LED lamps and also from low-level lasers, has an anti-inflammatory effect.Also, according to the inflammatory theory of rosacea, since rosaceans have a reduced capacity to counter the negative effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS), increasing levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is key in the process of clearing ROS, should theoretically help to prevent or even reduce some of the damaging effects ROS has on rosacea affected tissues.Studies so far indicate that low-level light therapy increases levels of SOD.

Do LED Treatments work on everyone?
LED treatments are proven to work on all skin types. There is over a 90% success rate for people using our system.

Can I treat my pets with the system? Yes, you can for animal injuries, sore hips, and post-surgical healing. Veterans use light therapy as well.

Can this hurt my eyes?
No studies have been found showing any harmful effects to the eyes when using our product correctly. However, we recommend not staring directly into our LEDs.

Will infrared light therapy help heal toenail fungus?
Although the FDA has yet to get on board with using this same light therapy technology for treating toe nail fungus some podiatrists are using it in their practices. Podiatrist Gabriel Maislos, D.P.M., of Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston has reported infrared light therapy as 87 percent effective in the treatment of toe nail fungus. For anyone who has had their toe nails removed in order to better treat the nail bed with anti-fungal creams or for those who have been reluctant to try prescription drugs that may put your liver at risk, light therapy is a very hopeful alternative.

Why can't I see light from some of the LED's? NOT SEEING ALL LEDs LIGHT UP:  Why can I not see all the lights LEDs light up when turned on?  Devices with a combination of Infrared LEDs you will see the red, amber LED’s but, will not be able to see the Infrared LED’s with the naked eye. The Infrared light spectrum that is not visible to the human eye. They are on and are working, but we cannot see them. Cell phones and high speed digital cameras can pick up this spectrum, holding your cell phone camera over the device when it has been turned on you will see the Infrared LED’s. Our Acne devices use only blue LED’s for the treatment of acne.  Some cell phones, digital cameras or camcorders are able to pick up the infrared LEDs when using them to view the lights on the head of the handheld.    

Can I combine LED treatments with other skin care?
Yes. LED treatments can be used alone or with other skin care treatments. Many physicians have found LED treatments to complement other skin care treatments.

Will LED treatments hurt?
No. Unlike lasers or other ablative (skin harming) treatments, LED treatments are non-thermal, non-ablative, and non-invasive. Clients report no discomfort or pain associated with LED treatments.

Is LED therapy and IPL (intense pulse light) therapy the same?
LED Therapy and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are different. There are several Commercial IPL systems on the market and they range from 500-1200 nm, but the big difference is in the energy output measured in joules/cm2. IPL typically has a power range of 3-90 Joules. It is closer to laser and because of that more dangerous than LEDs. IPL typically need trained users/aesthetician to administer.

Q. Are lasers more effective than LED's for light Therapy?
A. No, In fact the opposite is true. Everyone thinks lasers work better since they cost more when they are simply throwing away money. Once a laser light enters the skin it is no longer a collumated beam of light, it is basically the same as an LED. The advantage of the LED's are that they dispurse light up to 40 degrees at an angle so they cover a larger area. If you use a unit with several LED's you cover a much larger area at a time, which is very important when working with larger muscle groups. An infrared LED will actually penetrate much deeper than a red laser.

Q. What LED's penetrate the deepest?
A. The basic rule is that the higher the nm. or wavelength the deeper the penetration.

Q. Do I need to buy a larger unit to get results?
A. In most cases the answer is no. It is simply going to take you a longer time to treat the area. In some case such as back muscles we recommend the larger 2-panel DPL system in order to cover a larger area of muscle at one time, just seems to work better. It is also much easier to treat the back with the larger panels instead of a small hand held unit.

Q. What is the medical profession saying about LEDs?
A. Harry T. Whelan, MD, professor of pediatric neurology and director of hyperbaric medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, states: "LED treatment has been a wonderful advancement," Dr. Whelan says. "LEDs don't heat the tissues the way lasers do; because LED uses longer wavelength (redder) near-infrared light, it penetrates the tissues deeper. And where lasers are more pinpointed in their delivery, LED can treat the entire body.
LED's produce (non-coherent, monochromatic light; spontaneous emission) - Laser's produce (coherent, monochromatic light, stimulated emission)

Tiina Karu (1998: The Science of Low-Power Laser Therapy) states that "...the coherence of light is of no importance in low-power laser clinical effects" and "the primary difference between lasers and LED's is that the laser's coherent beam produces "speckles" of relatively high power density which can cause local heating of inhomogeneous tissues".

Currently researchers & scientist agree that LED's are effective in generating a response within living tissue and hence has a therapeutic effect if used properly.

Most published research on photorejuvenation has been conducted using Lasers and not LED's. Only within the the last decade have LED's been produced with a strong enough output power to be beneficial for photo rejuvenation. NASA has produced the best research documentation to date supporting the effectiveness of LED's to stimulate plants and human tissue. Until more research is completed on the success of LED's for photorejuvenation the effectiveness is still not supported by extensive research.

The DPL™ Therapy System has been designed as an in-home system and is based on the NASA study....4 joules per 2m square in 9 minutes. Systems that are used at Doctors offices will get to that joule rating much quicker and cost a lot more than our system and have to be administered by a professional. Usually, they will recommend a series of treatments. The DPL™ Therapy System will be able to get the same results it will just take a little longer...but, the cost is a lot less. And for those who are going in or have gone in to have treatments from a Doctor using LED's or Lasers they will be able to maintain those results with the DPL™ Therapy System and they will be able to do so in the convenience of their own home.To summarize, both LED's and Laser's work, but more research is needed to determine their best suited role LED's will play in photo-rejuvination.

What is the output of the LED skin light?
4 joules cm square

Isn’t it true that we are born with only so much collagen?
Collagen is a protein and as a protein collagen is synthesized (or formed) continuously in your body unless you have certain collagen deficiencies (scurvy or the lack of vitamin C is known to inhibit the production of collagen properly and the skin become fragile, wounds do not heal, skin discolors, among other results). Collagen chains are synthesized as longer precursors called “procollagens” and then transported or secreted into the extra cellular space after it is processed and assembled and these collagen molecules then polymerize to from Type I collagen.

There are 12-27 different collagen types (scientists disagree on the division). Type I collagen is the most abundant in the human body; it is present in scar tissue and is the end product when tissue heals itself by repair. This is the type of collage that our LED lights eventually forms. Type III collagen is the collagen of granulation tissue and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type of I collagen is synthesized. Our LEDs stimulate these fibroblasts which produce Type III collagen which eventually forms Type I collagen.

As we age genetics, (Intrinsic – internal aging) and Environmental (Extrinsic - external aging) slows the skin’s ability to repair itself from free-radical damage. Lasers work on reducing wrinkles by actually damaging the tissue causing Type I collage to be produced in the healing process. Our LED lights are non-invasive and do not harm the skin, but rather stimulate fibroblasts which produce collagen which repairs our skin damage.

Will the DPL do as much as the photo light treatments I can get at my spa?
Ask the spa what the depth of penetration of their treatment is. You will see that their units are using the same technology, but charging you much, much more! The DPL cost of $349 is only $1/day for one year--easy to do the math on this, and for the same infrared light technology!

What about extremely sensitive skin?
If you have sensitive skin, it helps to start with freshly-washed skin, and apply a damp cloth after your treatment.

What is the difference between the DPL Therapy System and other similar infrared products?
Please see our DPL comparison chart.

Will I feel any pain when using the DPL?
It is absolutley painless and safe.

Are there replacement bulbs available for the DPL panels?
The panel LED bulbs are designed to work daily for over 5 years.You cannot replace the bulbs yourself, but the panels may be replaced.The prices listed in 2006 is $110 per panel.

Will LED light therapy help with acne or blemishes?
Please view our Before and After photos. The DPL Improves healing of acne, lessen coarseness, and help sun-damaged skin.Skin that feels and looks younger in just 9 minutes per day. The DPL unit stimulates the skin's natural healing process.

What are the benefit differences between the blue and infrared/red light?
All these wavelengths provide safe, healthy treatments.   The red and infrared diodes are absorbed by the skin, muscles, tissues, bone as well as working at the physical cellular level.
    The blue lights are believed to be contractors and restrictors.They have reportedly helped with burns, and bacterial acne.

What is the best wavelength of infrared light for skin rejuvenation? And what is the importance of joule ratings?
The best source to answer this question is the NASA study which found that 880nm is the most effective. The DPL contains 154 of the 880nm LEDs and 20 of the 660nm red LEDS!
Joules refers to the amount of energy delivered. The
DPL reaches 4 joules/cm2 on the skin, like the NASA study specified, in 9 minutes. Licensed medical professional may have systems that deliver much higher joules faster, but the cost is prohibitive for the home user.

Will the DPL damage my eyes if I use the LED every day? If I wear the eye shield you provide, the eye shield may cover those wrinkles and wrinkles at the tails of my eyes, and that will make the LED useless to me. How can I overcome this problem?
You do not HAVE to wear the eye shields but, you will want to make sure that her eyes are closed while using the system.
A tip that I have found to be useful for that area, on one of your sessions turn and directly face the left panel for 4 1/2 minutes and then turn and directly face the right panel for the remaining 4 1/2 minutes. The lights will hit directly down the center of face and will also help along the jawline. There is a beep every minute so you will know when you are at 4 1/2 minutes and then at the end of the 17 minute
session the system will automatically turn off.
This is something that is beneficial to that area...the system has been designed when someone is using it and faces the center (like the spine of a book) that the lights will broadcast and cover that area between the nose and forehead but, for those are really trying to zero in on that area this seems to help. Read about studies on Infrared Therapy and Eyes.

Does the number of LED's matter?

Absolutely. Our DPL System utilizes 154 infrared (880nm) LEDs and 20 red (660nm) LEDs.That's more than any other home unit available.

What are the differences between infared and red light therapy vs. yellow? The yellow lights can be great stimulants for the sensory and motor nervous system, as well as toning muscles. It helps to increase your energy state. It, reportedly, helps relieve arthritis pain and improves the lymphatic system. Studies report that for skin rejuenation, the Infrared and red LEDs are more effective.

Will the DPL help with age spots and scarring?
YES, the DPL reduces brown spots and improves skin tones, as well as helps heal black and blue skin damage, and heals wounds. Also, check out our Cellbone Skincare product, Acrowhite. It is great for age spots!

Can LED light treatment be used on someone who has been treated recently with Botox® injections?
You can use the system DPL™ Therapy System after having fillers, botox etc....It is suggested that you wait a couple of days to allow the fillers to firm up and take hold....then start using the system slowly ...if you want to use addition caution cover the treated area for a few extra days and then start slowly introducing the light. If there is any bruising at the area of the injections the DPL™ Therapy System will help with the healing of any bruising. If after giving the injected area time to settle into the skin and firm up someone chooses to use the light they will want to do so by starting slowly.....and if they are really concerned they should cover the area that has been injected. There are different types of injections and they work differently, firm up, and last for different lengths of time, are made of different kinds of material and so the use of the light will react to each of these differently.
IWait and then start in a few days with short sessions going very slowly, could even cover the area.

Is it true that the DPL light therapy reduces the effectiveness of Botox or Restlyn treatments?
We have customers that have had Botox treatments prior to using the DPL Therapy System and those that purchased the DPL Therapy System and will have Botox treatments.The DPL Therapy System works from the inside outward and with the continued use of the DPL Therapy System, hopefully, this would prevent the need for injections (Botox, Restlyn, etc). You will want to follow the instructions provided with the DPL Therapy when you start using the system...bare in mind that everyone's skin is different and will respond to the light differently.For those that want to use the DPL Therapy System after a recent
injection....we recommend giving that injection a few days to set up/in prior to using the system. If there is any bruising that occurred at the injection site the DPLT Therapy System will help with the healing of that

Will the DPL System work for stretch marks and loose skin on the stomach?
I'm not aware of any of our customers who have used the light on stretch marks, so I forwarded this question to the manufacturer. Here is their reply: "We have customers who are using the system on the stomach and for stretch marks, and I know that is it very helpful with scaring... the age of the scar tissue will determine the time required to see results." Also, when I was selling a different light (smaller and less powerful) I heard about a woman who used the light on a scar while she was laid up in bed for 10 days. She said the scar diminished a great deal during this time by treating it for 15 minutes a day.

How long do you need to apply the LED light for skin rejuvenation?
Recommended treatment time varies among different brands of LED lights, and I've seen these recommendations change over time as more data is collected. Generally, for the quickest results, daily use is recommended. The recommended treatment time for the light we sell—the DPL™ Therapy System—is nine minutes a day for the first 4-10 weeks, then nine minutes two-three days a week after that.

Should I wear protective eye goggles when I use the light on my face?
Some manufacturers recommend and/or supply eye protectors (we include them with the DPL System™). Others say to just close your eyes if you use the light near your eyes.

How far away should I hold the light from my skin?
The light intensity becomes weaker the further away it is from your skin, so it's best to use the light very close to your skin.

I tried an infrared LED light on my inflammatory arthritis and it reduced the bouts of pain from a week down to a couple days. So I bought one for my mom try on her osteoarthritis. How long should she use it on her painful joints?
Your mom should use the light 2-3 minutes on the more painful areas, and about one minute per location on the surrounding tissue.

I had a huge bruise on my leg so I tried my LED light on it, and it went away much more quickly than bruises typically do. I'm now using it on the bruises that my daughter gets on her legs from climbing on playground equipment. Does it make sense that the light works on bruises?
NASA research found that infrared LED light accelerates healing, so yes, it may help bruises heal faster.

I often only use the panels without the stand, how do I detach the panels from the stand? When the Mounting Bracket is inserted into the Column Post you will hear a “click” as there are little clips on the end that hook onto the Column Post to keep it from falling off, and if you try to pull or slide it off those clips keep that from happening…..the trick is to turn the Mounting Bracket and it will help to release the clips, allowing the Mounting Bracket to be removed, also, allowing it to be removed without breaking the clips. The panels have been designed so that you can easily remove them from the Mounting Bracket by sliding them up and off. If you should need to remove the Mounting Bracket from the Column Post please follow these instructions:With the Column Post and Mounting Bracket facing you, turn the Mounting Bracket to the left, after turning the Mounting Bracket to the left this will allow you to pull the Mounting Bracket out of the Column Post slots.

DPL™ System Medical Precautions
Consult your doctor before using.
If you experience any adverse effect or have a concern regarding use, stop use immediately and contact your doctor.
If pregnant consult your doctor prior to use.
If you have been diagnosed or suspect a thyroid problem do not use over thyroid gland (neck area).
Do not use if you are taking drugs known to cause photosensitivity reactions.
Consult your doctor or dermatologist before using device over any suspicious or cancerous lesion.
Do not use over or near a recent steroid injection.
If you are using topical or systemic steroids or NSAIDs for pain or skin conditions you may experience a mild flare up of your symptoms and you should discontinue DPL™ therapy.
Do not apply light to an open wound, as heat may stimulate circulation and cause bleeding.
DPL™ Therapy is not to be used when incapacitated, sleeping or unconscious.
Do not leave small children close to unit unattended.
Do not allow children to use the light — it is not a toy.
Do not use on infants.
The skin should be clean when using. Do not use with liniments, salves, or ointments that contain heat-producing ingredients, as a skin burn could result.
If the DPL™ System begins to overheat turn off immediately.
If using the unit causes any discomfort stop use immediately.

See FAQ for tips for users with rosacea and sensitive skin


Emails to Emerson WorldWide:
Hello - I bought the 2-panel DPL Therapy light, and I LOVE it! It has really improved my skin.

Teresa Q.
I work out almost daily in the gym and this is my story: The
pain in my left shoulder blade (probable pinched nerve) felt like several sharp piercing needles in about a four inch diameter. After just three, nine minute sessions with the DPL, the needles were completely gone. There was remaining dull pain in the surrounding area that I treated with four more sessions and completely eliminated all of the pain. This was my first experience with the DPL and I am a firm believer and will use it on all further aches and pains.
Simon K.


"I am using the Deep Penetrating Light with Cellbone Hydra Copper Peptide Skincare, and I am extremely pleased with the results!" Sue S., Texas

Enhance DPL® by using Peptides

Read study of how LED lights use followed by Copper Peptides improve your skin!


Magazine Article: Style; September 2015: A combo of red and infrared light encourages collagen production and lessening of discoloration and lines when used 15 minutes a day. Dr. Fusco says, “These wavelengths heal skin, stimulating the production of firming collagen to smooth fine lines and squashing the aging effects of free radicals.”

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