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Copper/Magnetic Technologies

Emerson WorldWide's goal is:  To provide quality, Made in USA Equine Therapy Products with proven science, studies, results along with durability. We will never compromise your horse's health with products we do not believe in. We believe homeostasis is vital for our horses overall health and performance. Because of this we do not believe in long term use of heat producing or heat reflecting products or materials. Our products take the worry out of usage times. You can use with confidence whenever you feel therapy is needed for as long as you feel it is needed. Listening to your horse is the most important factor in using our products.
Magnetic/Copper Therapy treats horse injuries and pain for:
Ringbone, spavins, curbs, thoroughpins, capped hocks, arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, bowed tendons, bucked shins, edema, ligament injuries,windgall, sesamoiditis, green osselets, muscle spasm, leg cramp, sore joints, knee pain, aand other muscular pains.

Copper Technology

CuHorse™ Powered by CuTec29 Fabric®

The horses health and well being has always been a primary concern in PHT Products. In developing CuHorse™, PHT set out not to duplicate what was already available in the marketplace for our equine partners, but rather to develop a unique product that is consistent in quality, readily available, and possesses improved attributes for safety and effectiveness. CuTec29® has documented the efficacy and safety of the Copper CuTec29® proving it inhibits bacteria and promotes angiogenesis and tissue repair (which only copper ions can achieve, not silver). Copper oxide is at the heart of CuTec29®. The PERMANENT Copper Ion Technology is incorporated into the fiber matrix providing every piece of CuHorse™ with ENHANCED Copper Ion Technology benefits.

Our Leg Wraps are an important part of routine maintenance, providing a healing environment for ligaments, tendons, bone, skin, and blood vessels, along with wound healing. Because of the effectiveness of the microbial action of copper, scratches and rain rot can be treated more easily. Thrush, bruised heels, contracted heels, and many other hoof ailments can be helped with leg wounds. They become more manageable and help with quicker healing times.

Benefits of CuHorse™

• Helps Relieve Soreness

• Facilitates Recovery

• Odor Resistant

• Fabric Wicks Away Moisture

• Reduces heat and provides cooling

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Recent studies yielded new information on the structure, function, and regulation of copper transporters, uncovered unanticipated functions for copper chaperones, and established connections between copper homeostasis and other metabolic pathways. We believe in what homeostasis can do for the body and are constantly striving to provide the horse owner with therapy that helps establish this harmony.

 Magnet Technology

Our Equine magnetic products use Medical Grade Magnets. Magnetics counteract stress by the following mechanisms: normalization of pH (acid-alkaline balance), correction of cellular swelling and edema, and release of molecular oxygen. Magnets are a noninvasive, natural treatment for muscle tightness, soreness, acceleration of healing, and homeostasis.

Our Magnetic Products are Unipolar, i.e. they emit the Negative Field from one side of the magnet, and the Positive from the other. Some other magnets are Bipolar, meaning they emit both Positive and Negative fields from both sides of the magnet. Research has shown that the Negative pole is beneficial to good health, while the Positive pole may have unwanted side effects. Emerson WorldWide Magnetic Products are designed so that you can only apply the Negative pole to the body.

Spacing and Placement

In products using more than one magnet, spacing is very critical. Magnets spaced properly work together, enhance each other, and form a complete circuit among themselves and ultimately throughout the body. Spacing is different for each type and size of magnet. Many of our competitors' magnetic products fail to take this into consideration. Emerson WorldWide guarantees that our products are made with this crucial factor in mind.

 Benefits of Magnetics: counteract stress by the following mechanisms: normalization of pH (acid-alkaline balance), correction of cellular swelling and edema, and release of molecular oxygen, is a noninvasive, natural treatment for muscle tightness, soreness, acceleration of healing, and homeostasis.

  • enhances Blood Circulation and oxygenates and delivers nutrients to the horse's body
  • provides Natural Healing and Inflammation Relief without side effects
  • supports biological healing, including fighting infection
  • increases Elasticity to muscles and return of normal range of motion
  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • normalizes acid alkaline balance
  • relieves pain and other symptoms
  • aids in reducing calcium deposits in circulatory system
  • promotes growth of healthy tissue
  • reduces Recovery Time
  • removes lactic acid build-up
  • clears metabolically-produced toxins out of the body

      * Natural, simple, fast, safe, and inexpensive
      * External, non-invasive
      * Free from any adverse side effects

How do Magnets help heal?

 Unlike many other accepted equine practices, such as pin firing and blistering, magnetic therapy offers a convenient and humane approach to injury rehabilitation. Read Magnet FAQs to learn how magnets help relieve pain in humans and animals. "All magnetic therapy has an analgesic effect (pain relief). The effects may begin immediately or may require hours to days to begin." Horse Journal, September 1998, page 3.

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