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 I just love these products! They shipped very quickly shortly after I ordered them and they even provided generous samples of a few of their other products. My favorite is the Collagen Cleanser, it foams, doesn't over dry my skin and smells amazing. I also ordered the Hyper Peptides because I've read other websites reviews on it and it contains so many active ingredients in it. After about a week I can already tell a difference in my face! J.June
Thank you for your help.You folks at Emerson are great to do business with! E. Peterson

Dear Cellbone, I am writing to tell you about how pleased I've been with your products. It's really quite amazing to find skincare products that actually do what the company claims. I have been using your products for nearly a year now, and my skin looks noticeably smoother. I'm especially impressed by the Hyper Peptides-I could see a difference in my skin within just a few days of starting to use it. I want to say, also, how much I appreciate the free samples that come with each order; they are generous samples that really let you get a sense of how a product works. I think this is a great marketing strategy-I almost never buy the products when the sample is too small an amount for me to have formed any real impression, but Cellbone's samples allow me to know what I'm getting. I have ordered the full product several times after trying Cellbone's samples. I have spent many years and lots of money trying skin care products, hoping to find something that will really make a difference in how my skin looks. After finding Cellbone products I think I will never look anywhere else-not only have these products reduced lines and generally evened out my skin tone, but my face looks, I think, even dewy; pretty good for 44 years old. It's rare to find a company that makes realistic claims about wonderful products. Thank you. - Rebecca A. Albuquerque, New Mexico

   These products are incredible. I am 48 years old. I've only been using them for 1 week and the lines around my mouth have smoothed out and the lines around my eyes are barely noticeable. It actually looks like I've had a mini facelift. I have tried many, many products over the years and never has anything worked like the Cellbone products. Wish I had found them earlier. - Julie B.
   Dear Cellbone Technology, at last I have found a superior skincare regime product at affordable prices! Since using your products I have been constantly asked am I getting Botox, am I getting laser treatments!! I am particularly found of using the Vitamin C23 High potency serum along with the Hydra B5 gel. The glycolic acid peels have also saved me a fortune in visits to my local beautician! I cant recommend your products highly enough. Thanks so much, A.Clarke, a very satisfied customer.
Not only does Cellbone have some of the best quality skincare products around but they deliver better and faster results than most companies who charge up to 5x's as much. Cellbone also has the BEST customer service of any company I have purchased from online or in a retail store. The samples are more than generous and everything is fresh, well packaged and easy to use. My skin looks better and better everyday. I have strayed once from their products, my skin and wallet paid the price. Don't be fooled by slick ads and empty promises of other companies. Try Cellbone's products and you too will be a lifelong convert. I just wish I had found them sooner and not suffered for so long with bad skin. - Rachael B.
   I am using cell bone products since last week. I have already seen improvement in my skin. I defiantly recommend cell bone to all. - Simranjeet w.
I love your vitamin C serum. It does awesome things to my skin. I am 54 years old and see a great difference. My skin is brighter .I look forward to using even more of your products. Thank you - Ramona F.
I have tried so many products in the past from so many different company's and they all claim to do the same thing and that is to provide you with a product at a not so fair price that will give you incredible results. With all the peptides and vitamin-C I have tried none of them work with a fraction of the results that your products do. You have the best, you care about your product and the people who use it. And your prices are second to none. I have found my home for skin care products. Thank you so much for all you do, I finally feel like I have found good value and the results are staggering. Sincerely, - Gary L.

  I learned about the Cellbone product line while researching effective anti-aging ingredients. Once I located the website and literally read everything, I was super excited about the quality of ingredients, the product clinical research, testimonies and the product line. I am 45 and lived in Europe for several years and have used many top-end skin care products for years and from many countries, however; I was still looking for more effective and long lasting results without the use of Botox and other injections.
   I’ve been using the products for almost 3 months and I love EVERY ONE of them. I am a skin care product fanatic and soon will be placing my 4th order. I ordered the following:
Collagen Mask: Love this; I used it 1 to 2 times weekly. It immediately hydrates and firms my skin beautifully and you only need to use a little. At least once a week, I use it at night. When I wake up, my skin is fabulous.Hyper Peptides: Love this. I used this for 3 weeks and noticed the elasticity in my skin was tighter, my pores were smaller and wrinkles diminished, lines were smoother and my skin was lifted and just beautiful. It even helped to clear my skin as well.Super AOX: I really like this product with the Hyper Peptide or Restore Skin serum, it provided a visible extra lift and moisture to my skin and I loved that. Because my skin is sensitive, I used this once daily and I alternate this with Skin Nutra. Collagen Skin Refresher: Removes make-up and dirt without scripting my skin of moisture, leaving my skin hydrated, firm and smooth. I use this a few times weekly, especially when I wear make-up. It’s great for breakouts.
   My skin is beautiful, firm, smooth, hydrated, lifted and the tone is evening quite well. I am very impressed and LOVE the product line and its ingredients, which are far more effective than all of the “high-end” products I used to buy. After using Cellbone products and you desire more lifting then you would have to start botox and other injections. By the way, this product line would be an excellent maintenance tool following botox injections. These products are truly high end quality, clinically proven and very functional. This product line allows each individual the ability to tailor their own personal skin care needs with amazing results. Enjoy the many rants and raves. You’re going to LOVE your skin!!! –Nikole S.
I love your Vitamin C serum. It does awesome things to my skin. I am 54 years old and see a great difference. My skin is brighter .I look forward to using even more of your products. Thank you - Ramona F.

I have tried so many products in the past from so many different company's and they all claim to do the same thing and that is to provide you with a product at a not so fair price that will give you incredible results. With all the peptides and vitamin-C I have tried none of them work with a fraction of the results that your products do. You have the best, you care about your product and the people who use it. And your prices are second to none. I have found my home for skin care products. Thank you so much for all you do, I finally feel like I have found good value and the results are staggering. Sincerely, - Gary L.
I am so pleased that no longer do I need to look for skincare products in the store! I could tell by your website you were for real and to be trusted; I intuit these things. ( I found you through Google by chance! I really wish I had the funds to order your entire line, and if I did, I would! Thanks for the samples; they held me through until I could purchase again. First time use of your product I knew I had hit the jackpot. Thanks to all you who make Cellbone available!!! Great company! - KJ Gratteau in Seattle
Vitamin C 23: I am so pleased with your product that I am placing a new order for more of this product. I have noticed many positive changes in my skin that I am very pleased about. My skin feels very smooth in texture and overall looks younger. After being so pleased with the C23 serum, I am introducing more of your products into my daily regime. I will be happy to report the results to you in the near future. Cell Bone is wonderful. MLG - LA
I am very happy with Cellbone. My order arrived very quickly and was packaged extremely well. Extra products and samples were in my package. I felt like a kid at Christmas. I am very happy with my purchase. I got exactly the quality I was expecting and more. Can't wait to order again, but their products are pure without a lot of fillers, so they last a long time. I will definitely put them at the top of my list of skin care products. The ONLY complaint I have is the cost of shipping. It is a bit high, but their prices are extremely good, so I can't complain too much. I will be a continued customer. - Sandra S.
I purchased your product about 3 weeks ago after a visit to a spa where they used the vitamin c serum on face. I also purchased the AOX moisturizer from your site and I have to say that they are superior than all products I have purchased at any pharmacy or cosmetic counter. My skin feels and looks wonderful just like after a spa treatment. I am so satisfied with the results that I had to share my observation. People have commented on my skin. I have referred many friends to your products and site. Thank you.- K. Anderson
I was introduced to some of your products by my sister last year, so I bought some. I've been using them for the last 8 months and am very pleased with thee results! My skin looked clearer in a few weeks. I am a dedicated user of your products now and would recommend them highly. I also love the very generous samples that are included... Rekha M.
After trying several skin care products on the market, I luckily found Cellbone! I have tried these products for about 9 months and the results are amazing! I use them day and night and the difference in my skin is remarkable. I am in my middle 30s and my face was started to show it. Now my skin is tighter and softer. Every time I purchase these products, I always get so many wonderful samples that there is no need try anything else. I already have the whole Cellbone skin care line from serums, moisturizers to peels that I have no need to spend more money and time on spas anymore. After I prepare my face daily with collagen wash, I love to use the Hyper Peptides serum before my Super AOX moisturizer. My friends and family have noticed how this serum and the rest of these products have improved the texture of my skin because it looks younger and glowing. I also use the glycolic acid peel once or twice a week and my skin have cleared up noticeable. I always recommend these products to everybody and I am a permanent customer. In addition to my experience with these wonderful products, the customer service is great! Thank you Cellbone!!! - Diane H.
For the past two years I have experimented with several skin care products, hoping to find a skin care system I could count on to make a difference! I have used everything from Avon's top end products to very expensive department store lines - you name it. This is by far the most effective line I have ever used. I have been using the Cellbone skin care products now for about three or four weeks, and I am astonished at how well the line works. I can see a ten year difference in my skin's texture and firmness. I am so impressed by the quality of the products and I've been spreading the word to others! Once you try it, you'll be hooked too! - Pam H.
After doing much research on my own several years ago about which cosmetic products are really effective, I then went on to find a company which used the ingredients which scientists found to be effective. That's when I discovered Cellbone. I can't tell you how happy I am with all of your products, both those which I order, and those which you send me to sample. I have told all of my friends about Cellbone, and I even send them the internet link to make sure that they have no trouble finding you.
I really like that you don't put a bunch of fillers in your products. When I read the list of ingredients I know exactly what I'm getting and you even post the research to back up why you have included certain chemicals in your solutions. I am about ready to send another order. I am a total Cellbone convert. So many people have complemented me on my skin, even doctors. People are usually astonished I am 61 years old. I wish you all the best in your quest to discover and incorporate the best ingredients into your remarkable serums. They are worth every penny. Sincerely, - Christine C
I received all the products and you are too generous. I also want you to know that I have stopped using my old products and am now a "Cellbone Girl ". I could not believe the results after only 10 days. I have e-mailed everyone I know and told them to get your products. I have been in the cosmetics business for 30 years and am very familiar with ingredients and the chemistry behind everything I buy. I stopped buying department store products five years ago and I do the research before I buy on the Net. In other words I know what I'm talking about when it comes to treatment products. I am so glad I found you. If you ever need a spokesperson, call me. I'm 60 yrs. and look 42 yrs. I can still attract a 35 years old man. I take very good care of myself. I started using eye cream at 16 yrs. old. . I'm serious, Don't laugh.. Again thank you for your classy way of handling a mistake. I won't forget it. Best wishes for the New Year, ANNE R.
This is my 3rd order in the last 3 weeks. With all the samples that you send you really give your clients the opportunity to try something and than purchase. The trial sizes are very generous! I love the cleanser, toner, serums and my favorite is the AOX moisturizer! It gives me a luminous glow and smells so good! My skin feels tighter with the regime. Everyone tells me I am radiating and looks as if I just got a facial! Looking forward to continued use with Cellbone and my new facial products! - Venessa D.

I have been using your products for almost 1 year. I am in awe of the changes I see in my skin as each month goes by. I first use the collagen facial cleanser and then the skin freshener. I let that set a few minutes. and I use the SPF 45 all skin protector every day winter and summer. I let that set for a few seconds and I use the Eye Complex cr. I gently but thoroughly rub it in making sure it is fully absorbed. I then use the Restore Lifting Serum and again I gently rub it into the area completely surrounding my eyes and nasal labial folds and my chin. After that sets I apply the Super AOX lotion over my face. I use the Retinol 1.0% after removing my makeup with the collagen facial cleanser. I use the Super AOX lotion just before bed. Twice a week I use the collagen facial mask. It sounds like it takes a long time, but it only takes a few moments to achieve beautiful soft and supple skin.

I have tried every expensive cream, lotion, potion etc. but I did not come close to the results I have achieved using your products. I even had a doctor ask me my age twice because as he said "your skin belied your age." I thought to myself, well I know who to give credit for that. I am 62 1/2. I have sent you a recent photo so you can see for yourself what your products have done for me. I think your prices are very reasonable for the results I get. I can't wait for my order to be delivered so I can see what new products you have sent me. I have a friend who is a dermatologist and she doesn't know that I use Cellbone, and she marvels at "how tight my skin is". Can't get better than that. I would like to thank you for your research, and your ability to create products that work. I couldn't be happier. Sincerely - Diane Q
I just wanted to tell you that I opened my box today and found all kinds of things, that I did not order, and I love you for it! I am a skin care fanatic, as I wrote you before. Your products are the best, of the best, for anyone that is seriously into skin care. Thank you for your products and your company...you always keep me coming back for more! I am 45, and you keep me looking 29! I enclosed a recent picture so you can see how you help keep my skin, it's best! Thank you, -Dawne B.

It appears that you may be actually doing what some big companies make gazillions claiming to do while they actually do zilch. I love your straightforward site and especially the ingredient solutions list. You are my new favorite thing- things- I wish I could try all of them. Sort of amazed at these ones so far. Results...what a concept. - C.W.
I just wanted to say that your products do everything they say and more. I am in my late 30s and my skin has never looked better ...I get compliments all the time. I have recommended your products to my friends who also are having very good results with them. Your customer services is great and your samples are very generous. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you. - Sunita I.

I've been impressed with your all your products so far and slowly converting over to your product line. I've thrown out several facial products in the last week since I've received my first shipment. - Suo K.
I find Cellbone's products to be a step above your average cosmeceuticals. I've been using them for over a year. The products actually do what they indicate for my skin and it seems, even more. I appreciate the fact that the companies site includes specific information regarding their products ingredients so a consumer feels knowledgeable about what they are buying. This company also does something rare that most other companies don't. They offer adequate size samples (actually many are full size) There is enough of the sample to use so you can determine whether it is right for your skin. The product ingredients are always fresh and active having synergistic effects on the skin. I really cant say enough . I love this company products. These are the only products which have caused my skin to noticeably improve and I have used a multitude of other supposedly high end products over the years. Of course, the only thing high end about many skin care products today is the price. But not so with Cellbone! - Regina A.

I've tried many anti-aging products from high-end to drugstore quality. I have yet to find a moisturizer like this one. Super AOX does exactly what it says it will! This mosturizer is very light, but really moisturizes your skin without leaving any oily film. My skin used to get so dry and this is the only product that keeps it hydrated. This alone has really made my skin glow. I am 26 years old and starting to see the start of laugh lines. Super AOX has helped them to practically disappear! I am so pleased with the results and it gets better as I continue to use Super AOX! - Karen D.
Collagen Mask
This product is a face lift in a bottle!! I judge my fine lines (forehead, crows feet, nasobial fold/line) by how far away I need to stand from the mirror before they are visible. I usually can easily see them from a distance of 4 feet. After using the mask for the first time, my skin appeared "lifted" and was visibly firmer and soft , but the best part, I could barely see my fine lines!! They were only slightly visible less than a foot away from the mirror!!
Kristen R.
I've been dealing with an Endocrine disorders for 30 yrs. After it was detected in 1980, doctors tried medications for five yrs. to control my thyroid, without success. In 1985 doctors destroyed my thyroid with radioactive iodine, which over killed the thyroid. I've lived with dry, lizard skin. In December I started going to a new doctor who specializes in alternative medicine and has patients from all over the country. Finally someone seems to know what they're doing in adjusting my hormones. My thyroid is more balanced, and my skin is less dry. However, my HANDS continued to be RED/BLUE and DRY. In March, the doctor suspected that it may be a fungus and suggested a vitamin C serum that was $135/oz. Well, that was out of the question. So I did research and found the Cellbone site -- the prices were much more reasonable! I called and spoke with Alex and told him my predicament. He suggested that I try the C-23 Serum and sent me a sample of the Glycolic C. I alternate the products (Glycolic C in the evening and C-23 in the daytime). I noticed results in a FEW DAYS! Alex asked for me to let him know how it worked -- I decided to wait till after my follow-up appointment on May 5th. Well, the doctor was extremely impressed with the results. My hands are no longer dry, but soft and smooth. The color is closer to normal and she said, "The BLUE coloring is gone!" She asked what I did and I told her about the website, which she immediately opened up while I was there! Her reply was, "I love my patients!" She was so impressed that now she wants samples because she is considering carrying the products in her practice! I'm anxious to try some of the other products, as well! - Jan K.
I am 37 years old and have been plagued with melasma (brown spots) on my cheeks for many years. I had tried prescription products and over the counter products but nothing helped. Recently, I learned about cellbone so I thought I would give it a try. One of the products I ordered is Glycolic C Super serum. This product has almost eliminated my melasma. I was so amazed at how well it worked in a very short amount of time. I noticed vast improvement after just a couple of uses. It has been a couple of months since I began using the Glycolic C and my melasma is nearly gone. I can go without makeup now and look good. One day I forgot my sunscreen and was outdoors in the hot sun for four hours. I thought surely my melasma would return but it didn't. This product works better than anything else I have tried and I have tried plenty. All of Cellbone's products are fantastic and I'm so thankful to have found them. P.S. the Retinol 1.0 is wonderful as is everything else I have tried from Cellbone. - Cindy M.
As I am almost 63, I was looking for anti-aging products to help with firming, lifting and sun damage/wrinkles. I was impressed with the ingredients in your Hydra Repair Skin Gel and even more impressed with your service. You had enclosed a very generous sample of the Glycolic C Super Serum. I would never have thought of using a lactic acid product as I have very sensitive skin, but I decided to try it. It caused no irritation or redness so I continued to use it daily. After two weeks of using this product, I am amazed at what it has done for my skin by giving it a high level of brightness and clarity. I decided to order additional products and am now using Collagen Mask, Hyper Peptides Advanced Line Defense Serum and Super AOX moisturizer (which I found works very well on my dry skin). I must also commend you on your customer service. I called with several questions and spoke with a very knowledgeable gentleman who spent a very generous amount of his time answering these questions. I am sold on your products and will be ordering several more of them. Thank you for providing such quality products along with your excellent customer service – from your staff to your prompt and reliable service. Sincerely, - Anne G.
I'm so much looking forward to trying many more of your products THERE TRULY STAND ALONE PRODUCTS.. Was so glad I could be some help to you on the website really did not expect anything in return you truly stand behind your products .... Thank you once again. Can't wait to try more of the collagen products hope in the near future you have samples of those also for oily skin or combo skin. I DON'T EVER WANT TO RUN OUT OF THE C23 OR THE GLYCOLIC C THAT IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED. I'm sure I'll like the eye complex . Thanks again. - Tricia W.
I love the glycolic c serum. I have very oily skin, some acne scarring and at 42 some wrinkles. the glycolic c serum reduces the oil at night when I use it, which is every night. I also use the glycolic 40 once a week for about 5 minutes. It is the best glycolic peel I have ever used. It doesn't leave my skin red as some others did. Thank you for making such good products. - Susan E.
Love that Collagen Peptide prep serum and the eye prep serum that was in my last order THANK YOU looking forward to trying many more so far my favorites are the cleanser, toner and the c products and I love the way the eye serum makes my eyes feel and look...Awesome products best out there and I have tried a lot... Your products are stand alone you just need to use a small amount a drop goes a long way other products I have tried you have to use the whole bottle to see results and that's being nice most of the time I never got any results.. But with Cellbone I could see and feel them working have been using them for two weeks and my skin has never looked so good oh bye the way everyone needs to try the glycolic c there is not another product that does what that little bottle does and along with your C23 it is amazing....
- Patricia W.

I just wanted to convey how grateful I am to have found Cellbone Technologies Advanced Skincare! It is not common to find a company on the internet that offers a superior product, at a reasonable price with excellent customer service…Cellbone Technologies offers all of those things! My orders have shipped immediately and without incident which is very nice. Once I began using the products I was again pleasantly surprised, as the quality of the ingredients is far superior to any other similar products I have ever used. Every Cellbone Technologies product I have used to date has delivered exactly what was promised…and more! As rare as it is to find all of these things in ONE Single company it is certainly true with Cellbone Technologies! Thank you for providing such a refreshing experience for your customers. -Lori V.

I am 26 and have acne and scarring from that acne, I also have huge pores. I have tried everything from pills to creams to cleaners, even diets, I tried it all. Nothing ever worked. I started out with the glycolic peel and moved on from there. Best thing Cellbone ever did was put samples in with orders, smart marketing, I found the cleaner, toner and creams worked well for my skin. Thus, for the last five year I have toiled to correct my skin. Now my skin is clearing up and it is smooth and my pores are nearly gone. Another fun surprise I discovered was the under eye care samples in my order, my dark circles and eye bags were gone in three days, that worked too. I am impressed and I am a believer and I do not feel so hopeless about being in my late 20's and having acne, because it is almost gone now, I have only been using these products for a month. I do not feel like I am throwing away my money anymore. I will be coming back again and again for these wonderful products, as I continue to age. Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me. - Amy B.

Just a note to tell you how much i love all the Cellbone products. For the past year or so i have been using your Glycolic peel gels and the Hydra CP+ advanced skin hydration gel. I have noticed that my skin is more firm, some of my fine lines have diminished, and my skin tone has improved. Everyone has been telling me how great my skin looks. I am so glad to have finally found some skin care products that work! In addition, I would like to tell you how friendly and helpful your customer service staff is. Many Thanks, - Mari H.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Gel: "LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I use this twice daily no matter what other serums I am using. It helps to firm my skin and seal in moisture. I see a major improvement in my skin’s elasticity-remarkable results." Nikole S.

Skin Hydration enhancement (Hyaluronic Acid Gel)
I love this product!! Having very oily skin, I often skip moisturizers and treatment serums since they feel too heavy and can leave my skin greasy and shiny. This gel hydrates my very oily skin without being heavy or greasy. It also leaves my skin visibly firmer and my lines are less visible. I even use this product around my eyes, and it really makes a difference on my "crow's feet". The added bonus is that my makeup actually goes on better as it doesn't tend to settle into my fine lines!!
Kristen R.

I live in Colorado where the climate is dry and punishing at high altitudes. In my early thirties I saw my skin begin to change and age rapidly. It scared the heck out of me! Lots of fine lines, dull, blotchy, melasma & constantly dehydrated skin. I have tried many products, from grocery store brands to expensive derma ceutical lines from cosmetic surgeons, to those sold in expensive department stores.
I started researching ingredients that were scientifically proven to be beneficial, like matrixyl, and got a list together of ingredients I thought I wanted to find in a product. I searched online and found Cellbone through Google. I took a chance and ordered because these products seem to offer everything I was looking for ingredient-wise and quality-wise. There is a beautiful symbiosis between science & nature in the ingredients. It was risky spending over $100 on products I'd never tried from a company I'd never heard of, but I made the right choice and thank myself now for taking the chance on Cellbone. It is life-changing for my face!
Well I was blown away when I first tried these products. I seriously felt like I had come from a spa facial. My skin was literally hydrated, plump and GLOWING. It sounds hard to believe but I saw an IMMEDIATE difference in my skin, and now a year later, friends cannot believe I am rapidly approaching forty! I got a massage a few weeks ago at a spa and the masseuse guessed I was 28!!
    I love the way the Collagen Wash makes my skin feel. The Glycolic C has helped with my melasma, and the Super AOX moisturizer is so hydrating. I love putting it on and watching my skin plump up. Plus, I love the smell and texture of it. Luxurious, to say the least. I also use several serums like the Collagen Anti Aging Serum and the Copper Peptide. They all work. I can't wait to try some new products and also reorder my favorites.
I am a convert and Cellbone girl. The prices are incredible, the ingredients are high quality, the customer service is stupendous, and the samples they give with your order are so generous and useful, that it practically brings tears of joy to my eyes as I open my box! My last order (my first time ordering), I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! GOODIE IN A BOX TO KEEP ME YOUNG! Hooray! I also love the fact that we aren't paying for overblown advertising, packaging and department store overhead in our products. We are getting what we pay for: science & quality ingredients! Thanks, Cellbone. You scientists and beauty/anti-aging gurus over there ROCK! L. Conner, Denver CO

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