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     Our unique Magnet Gloves have 8 Magnets situated in the locations on your hands that studies have shown cause the most hand pain to knuckles, joints, thumbs, fingers, and palms. Magnet Gloves were designed and manufactured specifically for Emerson WorldWide.You can purchase for a single hand, or as a pair.Small Size Only at this time.

Magnet Gloves Benefits:

* Flexible magnet gloves that do not inhibit the use of your hands.
* Comfortable even for sleeping.
* Magnets relieve aches in hands.

Notice from the photos, your fingers are not covered to give you more flexibility when wearing. These magnet gloves are great for relieving your sore hands! Hand pain, and sore, stiff fingers need relief.

WHY MAGNETS? Health Magnets are science's newest wonder for many different conditions. No home should be without them!

Scientists explain that magnetic fields attract and repel charged
particles in the blood, creating movement and heat. This process is believed to cause the blood vessels to dilate, encouraging better blood circulation and pain relief.

The healing power of magnets to relieve pain has been the subject of
numerous news reports the past few years. Testimonials from professional athletes have fueled renewed interest in this ancient form of healing.

Today many professional athletes in tennis, golf, foot- ball, and
baseball, recognize and are utilizing magnetic therapy for lower back pain,
arthritic joints, muscle atrophy and other sports related pains.

It is estimated 20 golfers on the PGA senior tour would not be playing
were it not for their use of Magnets. Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez has been
using magnets for years

Jules Trop, M.D., medical consultant to the NFL, and professional
advisor to Encore Technologies / MagneLyfe™ has been impressed by, and endorses, the use of magnets for pain relief.

As recently as April 1998 Readers Digest reported a study of Magnets
in the relief of Pain. Twenty two out of 29 patients reported improvement in
5 minutes. NBC TV, and ABC TV have shown many programs on the use of Magnets to heal pains. In December 1997, the New York Times reported successful results of a clinical study using low intensity magnets for pain reduction with patients suffering from post polio discomfort.

Read what a happy international customer wrote us 7/2005:
"Thank you for Magnetic Gloves I received few months ago --Really have been a "boon"--and as my hands have become more painful recently--[intermittently!] --find I get relief from wearing them! --especially after golf!--Won't be giving this pair away like the last ones I bought!!
Regards and thanks!"
Sylvia M, Scotland

magnetic thumb brace
Magnetic Thumb Brace

carpal syndrome wrap

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Single Left Only
Size - Small Only

Outside USA(also Hawaii & Alaska)please contact us for Shipping costs

Pair Size Small Only $39.95
Outside USA(also Hawaii & Alaska)please contact us for Shipping costs

To ensure a proper fit:
Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand (indicated by the red line in the illustration on your right).
Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

Small 6 - 7
Medium Out of Stock
Large Out of Stock

Due to hygiene considerations, the gloves cannot be returned.  Note: Require physical delivery address.

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